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Assignments are out! A couple of reminders for all volunteers now that they have received their requests:

-If you have questions about what your requester wants, PM me and I'll contact them for you.
-If you are unable to complete your request and would like me to give it to somebody else, you are to let me know by December 18th.
-All finished requests should be PMed to me, and everything received in this manner will be posted in a separate "presents thread" on December 25th.
Wild Card prompts are ready for posting, so a few notes about that:

-Anybody, including people not on the volunteer list, can claim up to two Wild Card requests each. Claims are to be made via PM for MAXIMUM SECRECY.
-Claims will be handled on a first-come-first-serve basis, so if you ask for, say, "Scarf" a minute after somebody else sent in their PM, you're out of luck and I'll let you know as much.
-Wild Card requests can be completed in any format you want.
In the spoiler, in a handy list format, to be crossed out when they are claimed... are the Wild Card prompts:
Spoiler: show
Dreams Time Heroes
Fall Festival
Graves (League of Legends)
Indiana Jones and Grave's Cigar
Jintsuu/Light Cruiser Princess
You Can't Get Ye Flask (THIS IS A TV TROPES LINK!!! —ED.)
The UPN Secret Santa presents thread is here! Check it out!
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