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The orange star turned into a second blue comet, diving down to meet the incoming twin. Syr eand Vesta lunged at one another enveloped by the shimmering aura of their respective Dragon Rushes, each of them knowing that the outcome of the collision could determine everything. Neither faltered as they gained speed and momentum, intent on seeing this battle through to the very end.

An end Levin could already predict.

Valiant effort Syre.

The two dragon heads intertwined in a dance of war. Auras mixed together, a powerful burst of light ensued. The clearing was painted blue by the following explosion of draconic energy, and the resulting shockwave almost knocked Levin, Mazo, Leon and Haou off their feet.

When the dust settled, Syre and Vesta had landed. Each of them panting heavily, gasping for air, their eyes were glazed over but their bodies endured. The stalemate seemed to last an eternity, but for Levin and Mazo, the outcome was already clear.

Vesta lost her footing first, her large frame wobbling as her consciousness began to drift... but she hung on, refocusing at the last moment and refusing to fall! Syre smirked at the female's resilience, impressed and smitten at the same time... but soon it was his turn to falter, and with a loud thump, his massive body collapsed to the side, the Salamence dropping unconscious.

It is done.

- Yes Mazo, Syre has found his match: Vesta is the one.

The Lucario nodded, approached the fallen dragon and placed a hand on him, sending a Heal Pulse coursing through his body and releasing him from his exhausted slumber.

Levin approached Pest, passing next to Vesta with a smile as he went. He extended a hand at the other Trainer in a show of respect.

- Your partner's nothing short of phenomenal. It was a privilege to witness Vesta's growth first-hand. And I think Syre is even more impressed - I'd say Vesta managed to pierce a hole in that stubborn dragon's stone heart. I was wondering if you'd be willing to let that connection bloom into something more... Syre would welcome it.

Levin was being as honest as he possibly could. He wasn't about to let this glorious battle be for nothing - Vesta represented Syre's only chance at genuine happiness, an opportunity to have a partner and perhaps a child of his own. He couldn't force neither Pest nor her Charizard to play along, but it was worth a shot...

- Please give it some thought. I really think Syre would be happiest with Vesta... and with you.
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