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One Basculin, Two Basculin, Red Basculin, Blue Basculin

"Ducklett! Wing Attack!" ordered the Trainer.

"Rubeus, here it comes!" Keith exclaimed. "Out of the water and into the air!"

"Stunfisk!" Rubeus exclaimed, as the oddly-colored Stunfisk flapped his oddly white side fins furiously. The fins acting like wings, Rubeus flew up right out of the pond, and more importantly, soared above the opponent's Ducklett as it tried to strike with its wings.

"Gah! Ducklett, it's above you, watch out!" warned the Trainer. "Bubble Beam, go!"

"Rubeus, finish it! Use Thunder Shock!" Keith called out.

Ducklett opened its beak, but before it could expel so much as a single bubble, Rubeus began to crackle with electricity. "Stuuuun... FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISK!" he bellowed as he zapped the Water/Flying-type with the super effective Electric move. Considering the type advantage, to say nothing of how much damage Ducklett had taken earlier in the fight, the result came as a surprise to nobody.

"Ducklett's unable ta battle!" Meowth declared, standing off to the side and acting as a referee. "Rubeus da Stunfisk wins dis one!"

"Gahhh... OK, Ducklett, get back!" declared the opposing Trainer as he held out a Poké Ball. The red beam which emerged from the ball sucked the unconscious Ducklett back inside, and once this was done, the Trainer prepared another ball. "You're not bad," he grinned, addressing Keith.

"Not bad yourself," Keith grinned back. "That Ducklett and Dewott, you've trained them well."

"Thanks," replied the boy. He looked younger than Keith, but not by much- Meowth's best guess put him at 17 or 18 years old, and even then, Meowth's best guess in such matters was usually not so good. "Your Stunfisk and Seviper are pretty good, too. But here's my last Pokémon!" he added, throwing the Safari Ball. "Go, Binacle!"

In a flash of light, there appeared on the surface of the water... a rock. At least, it looked to be no more than just that, it was completely unremarkable save for the fact that it was floating on the water's surface. And then, to Keith's mild surprise, two arm-like appendages rose up out of holes in the rock. Each "arm" was tipped in a clawed "hand", the palm of each hand bearing a face. "Bina! Binacle!" both heads exclaimed at once.

"Whoa!" Keith murmured, taking out his Pokédex. "Never seen that Pokémon before!"

"Binacle, the Two-Handed Pokémon," said Keith's Pokédex. "Binacle live in pairs, two Binacle in each rock, though will sometimes argue to the point where one of them leaves to find a rock of its own. Their arm-necks stretch and contract, allowing them to pull themselves across land and row their way across the sea."

"Rock and Water, huh?" Keith murmured. "Rubeus, let's do this!" he added. "Thunder Shock, let's go!"

"Quick, Binacle, use Tickle!" called the other Trainer.

Almost immediately, Binacle's arm-necks stretched out to ridiculous lengths, allowing each hand-head to lightly tickle the Stunfisk, resulting in a fit of uncontrollable laughter, which prevented the Thunder Shock attack.

"Come on, Rubeus, focus!" Keith exclaimed. "Keep your head in the game!"

"Binacle, now hit it with Surf!" called Binacle's Trainer.

Binacle's four eyes glowed blue, and a massive tidal wave rose up out of the pond. "Wait for it, Rubeus..." Keith advised the Ground/Electric-type. "Wait for it..." As he spoke, the wave drew closer and closer to the Stunfisk. And then, as the wave was less than two feet away, Keith sprang into action. "Now! Use Payback!" he ordered.

"Stun!" Rubeus grunted as he took the Surf attack, powering his way through the wall of water. And once he had emerged from it, his body was covered in a black aura. Spotting Binacle, Rubeus dove down and slammed his tail fin into the Two-Handed Pokémon.

"Whoa!" the boy exclaimed as his Binacle was blasted backwards. "Binacle, still good to go?"

"Bina!" nodded both heads simultaneously.

"Alright, good!" grinned the boy. "Now use your Shell Smash attack!"

A red aura formed all over Binacle's rock. And then cracks formed in the red aura, causing it to shatter into pieces, leaving tiny shards of red energy swirling all around Binacle.

"Rubeus, its defenses are down!" Keith exclaimed. "Scald attack!"

"Oh, no, you don't!" the boy called out. "Binacle, Cross Chop!"

Propelled by the Shell Smash, Binacle's hand-heads paddled the rock across the water at ridiculous speeds, until the whole thing was almost a blur. And then, as Rubeus had opened his mouth to unleash Scald, Binacle had jumped up, and both hand-heads were glowing brightly as they executed a picture-perfect Cross Chop, sending the Stunfisk plummeting to the ground just before Keith. When the dust settled, Meowth was able to make a call with ease.

"Rubeus is unable ta battle!" he declared. "Binacle wins!"

Keith sighed as he held out the Ground Ball. "Come back, Rubeus," he said, the ball already firing its red recall beam to withdraw the ball's occupant. "You were great," he murmured to the ball. "Get a good rest."

"Give up yet?" smirked the boy. "My Binacle's unstoppable once it's used Shell Smash!"

"Oh, this ain't over," Keith grinned, another Poké Ball already in his hand. "Let's see how well you can handle this one!" And he threw the ball. "Pisces, let's go!" he exclaimed.

In a flash of light, the Poké Ball opened up, emptying its contents into the pond- a Blue-Striped Basculin who glared fiercely at the Binacle before her.

"Ooh, cool," said the boy. "But just looking cool won't win this! Binacle, Night Slash!"

Keith reacted swiftly. "Pisces, use Scald!" he ordered.

"Bascuuuuuuuu!" bellowed Pisces as she opened her mouth and fired a jet of steaming hot water at the oncoming Binacle. Both heads screeched in pain as the attack hit, and as it subsided, multiple burns could be seen all over the Rock/Water-type.

"Whoa, that hit pretty hard," the boy murmured in surprise.

"That'd be Pisces's Ability- Adaptability," grinned Keith. "Any Pokémon puts a little extra power into moves of their own type, but if it has Adaptability, it can put more power than usual into moves matching its type. Pisces's Water attacks are some of the most powerful ones I've seen as a result!" he finished. "Now, Pisces, let's use Headbutt!" he ordered.

"Basculin!" Pisces exclaimed, swimming across the pond with great speed. The Binacle, still wincing from its burn, was unable to defend itself as the attack made contact.

"Binacle, come on, you can do this!" pleaded the boy. "Slash!"

"Pisces! Superpower attack!" Keith commanded.

The two Water-types swam towards each other at great speeds, but as Binacle prepared to strike with glowing claws, Pisces swung her tail fin into the Rock/Water-type, the super effective Fighting move blasting Binacle right out of the water. Binacle landed at its Trainer's feet, and made no attempt to get up.

"Binacle is unable ta battle!" Meowth called out. "Pisces wins, which means da match goes ta Keith Masters of Lavaridge Town!"

"Hey, way to go, Pisces!" Keith grinned, as his Basculin swam over to him. "That was the strongest Superpower I've seen out of you yet!"

"Bascu," smirked Pisces, trying not to look as pleased by Keith's comments as she actually was.

"Wow, that Basculin of yours is awesome," the boy added, as he approached Keith, his Binacle back in its Safari Ball. "Where'd you catch it?"

"I didn't actually catch Pisces," Keith admitted. "She was traded to me a couple of years ago."

"Oh, OK," nodded the boy. "I thought you might have caught it in Lake Basculin."

"Lake Basculin?" repeated Keith. "Never even heard of it."

"Oh, it's not far from here," said the boy. "It's this huge lake full of nothing but Basculin, and they're said to be pretty powerful."

"A lake full of Basculin, hmm?" Keith said, sounding intrigued. "Well, that certainly sounds like it's worth a look."


The boy then proceeded to give Keith directions to Lake Basculin, which, as it turns out, was a very short walk away- mere minutes after bidding farewell to his latest opponent, Keith found himself beholding a large body of crystal clear water- or at least, the water would have been crystal clear, but the surface was churning as a result of all the fighting going on. Keith could see a number of green fish Pokémon fighting each other, all over the lake. Half of them he recognized as Basculin, or at least Basculin as he knew them, but the others, much as they resembled Basculin, were unfamiliar to Keith. He whipped out his Pokédex and aimed it at the lake. Immediately, images of both Pokémon appeared on the screen, the unfamiliar one looking remarkably like Keith's Basculin, only with wider eyes, more ragged fins, and red stripes in place of blue stripes.

"Basculin, the Hostile Pokémon," said the Pokédex. "Basculin come in two varieties- Red-Striped and Blue-Striped. The two varieties of Basculin are extremely aggressive towards each other, and fights are all too common in bodies of water inhabited by Basculin."

"Ohhh," Keith remarked. "So that's what that's all about- the other ones are Basculin as well."

Meowth turned to give Keith a funny look. "Youse didn't know dat Basculin come in two forms?" he demanded.

Keith shrugged, nearly jostling Meowth off his shoulder in the process. "Pisces is the only Basculin I'd ever seen up until this point," he said. "And back when I got Pisces, my old Pokédex didn't say anything about a Red-Striped Basculin..."

Originally Posted by Flashback
It was a little over three years ago, not too long after the disastrous Halloween incident. Keith was in the Fizzytopia region's most popular Cable Club, having just completed a trade with Alex Blackhall, in which he swapped a singular Rare Candy for the Poké Ball he now held in his hands, and of course, the ball's contents. Excited about his new Pokémon, Keith threw the ball into the air. "Basculin, come on out!" he exclaimed.

In a flash of light, there appeared before Keith a fierce-looking fish, green in color, flopping in place and snapping aggressively with razor-sharp teeth. A pair of blue stripes ran down the full length of her body. Keith took out his Pokédex, which in these days had been red in color and spoke with a more droning voice, and an image of the Pokémon before him appeared on the screen.

"Basculin, a Hostile Pokémon," droned the device. "A powerful Water-type with an aggressive personality, Basculin will often get themselves into fights."

"Well, you're pretty cool," Keith grinned, looking down at the Basculin before him. She was now glaring insolently up at him, sizing him up. "As long as you try and get along with the rest of the team-"

'Bascu!" interrupted Basculin, who had just used her tail fin to jump up. She had lunged at Keith, mouth agape, but he was able to catch her just in time, allowing her teeth to snap at thin air, inches away from his face.

"As I was saying," Keith continued, as though he had not just almost become this Basculin's lunch, "as long as you try and get along with the rest of the team, I think we'll do just fine together. As for your name... how does Pisces sound?"

"Bascu..." Basculin murmured. She looked up at Keith, though with less insolence and more interest. He had pretty good reflexes for a human, she realized, and he didn't seem so scared of her, either. Perhaps this wasn't gonna be so bad after all. And Pisces... she liked the sound of that. "Bas, Basculin," she finally nodded.

Keith's grin widened. "Alright, then. Welcome to the team, Pisces."
"...yeah, it just gave me some vague information about Basculin being hostile and prone to getting into fights," Keith shrugged. "Only showed the Blue-Striped form on the screen, too."

"Yeah, I guess dat'd do it," Meowth conceded. "But geez... ya sure it was a good idea ta bring Pisces here?"

As Meowth spoke, however, the fighting seemed to cease. Wounded and injured Basculin swam away from each other, the Red-Striped ones retreating across the lake, and the Blue-Striped ones gathering in the part of the lake nearest to Keith. "Hm," Keith murmured. "Yeah, you might be right," he nodded. "These Basculin seem to be in some sort of turf war, I don't think I want Pisces getting into danger by- GAH!" he exclaimed, for at that moment, a Poké Ball on Keith's belt burst open, unleashing the exact one of Keith's Pokémon you expected to see into the lake.

The other Blue-Striped Basculin were startled to see another of their own kind materialize in their midst. Pisces looked around- the other Basculin were regarding her warily. Finally, a small Basculin swam up to her. "Who the hell are you?" she demanded in a more childish tone of voice than one usually hears from a Basculin.

"The name's Pisces, bitch," snapped Pisces. "Heard there was a Basculin turf war going on, and if it involves putting some Red-Stripes in their place, then count me in."

"Never seen you around here, though," added the gruff voice of an older male Basculin. "You belong to one of them humans?"

"Hell, yeah," Pisces nodded. "Ever hear of Keith Masters?"

Most of the Basculin exchanged confused looks, but the young Basculin who had been the first to speak up, her eyes widened. "I've heard that name before!" she exclaimed. "Ain't he the one what that up and killed a volcano god?"

"Yeah, that's him, alright," Pisces nodded. "Dude's not someone you mess with. Tried to eat him when we first met- he grabbed me before I could get a bite. Zero fear."

"Hot damn," murmured one of the Basculin.

"OK, so now that we're all clear on this, what about this turf war?" Pisces persisted. "We kicking some Red-Striped tail fin or what?"

"Damn straight," replied the young Basculin. "Usually we keep to our side of the lake and they keep to theirs, and things are fine. But now those greedy bastards want the whole damn lake to themselves."

"Well, that's a load of Tauros shit," Pisces spat. "Alright, here's the deal- you jerks don't know me from a puddle of Goldeen piss, but I think we can all agree there ain't no way a bunch of fucking Red Stripes can be allowed to have a whole damn lake to themselves. So I'm gonna help you out here," she declared. "We'll make meals of every single one of those pieces of-"

"...I don't tink I gots da stomach ta repeat da rest o' wat she said," Meowth said to Keith, having relayed to him a translation of the Basculin's conversation thus far.

"That's fine, I get the gist of it," Keith nodded. "So, Pisces is gonna help the other Blue-Striped Basculin fight off the Red-Striped Basculin?"

"Seems dat way," Meowth nodded.

Keith sighed. "I don't suppose there's any way to talk Pisces out of this."

"Yeah, I wouldn't try it," Meowth agreed, shaking his head. "Dis seems ta me like dat whole Seviper-Zangoose deal all ova again, y'know?"

"Yeah, I see what you- ho, boy," Keith said suddenly, looking out at the lake. Meowth followed Keith's gaze, and saw what Keith was seeing- an entire school of Red-Striped Basculin, swimming towards their end of the lake. In response, all the Blue-Striped Basculin surfaced, every one of them glaring out angrily at the intruders. In front of them all, however, was Pisces, who glanced back at Keith. They made eye contact, and Keith gave a small smile and a nod. Pisces returned the nod, and even gave the slightest hint of a smile as she turned back to face the oncoming Red-Striped Basculin.

"Alright, here they come," Pisces said to the other Blue-Striped Basculin. "Everyone ready? Let's do this!" And with that, she unleashed a powerful Scald attack at the Red-Striped Basculin leading the others. The Basculin exclaimed in pain as angry burns could be seen all over his body. Wasting no time, Pisces swam forward and took advantage of the momentary distraction to make a meal of her Red-Striped counterpart.

Taking the lead from Pisces, the other Basculin began to fight as well, with Pisces giving them instructions whenever she wasn't launching attacks or eating Red-Striped Basculin. Under her orders, two Blue-Striped Basculin managed to freeze over half a dozen Red-Striped Basculin with their Ice Beam attacks, and the Swagger attacks of several other confused a whole bunch of Red-Striped Basculin, to the point where they started attacking each other.

Keith looked on, half-shocked, half-proud, as his Basculin led the others in the relentless attacking of the Red-Striped Basculin. Under Pisces's command, the Blue-Striped Basculin were gaining an immediate and sizable advantage. Much as Keith wasn't too fond of such violence, he couldn't help but feel proud of Pisces, considering how well she was doing. Indeed, as this thought had occurred to him, her Headbutt had only just won out against the same attack coming from a Red-Striped Basculin, the former sending the latter backwards through the water. But then, Keith could see two more Red-Striped Basculin approaching Pisces from either side. "Pisces, look out!" Keith exclaimed. "Dive out of the way, then use your Cut attack!"

What happened next could not have gone more smoothly. Pisces dove underwater so swiftly and suddenly that the two Red-Striped Basculin actually collided head-on. And then, Pisces came rising up from the depths, her fins glowing brightly as she hacked at both Red-Striped Basculin with them. While they were distracted by their injuries from Cut, two more Blue-Striped Basculin swam in and started to devour them.

After more fierce fighting, the remaining Red-Striped Basculin seemed to decide that enough was enough, for they proceeded to hastily retreat. The Blue-Striped Basculin were nothing short of jubilant, many of them shouting insults after the retreating Red-Stripes. The younger Basculin seemed to be the ones shouting the more vulgar insults, too.

The little Basculin from before swam up to Pisces. "Holy shit, Pisces, you were fucking amazing!" she said with a big grin. "We must have killed dozens of Red-Stripes! Hundreds! Those sons of bitches will think twice before fucking with us again!"

"Damn straight," smirked Pisces. "But you're stupid if you think it was all me, you hear? I made the calls, but you all did as I said."

"Hey, hey, why don't you stay with us?" asked the small Basculin. "You'd be fucking amazing to have around this lake! Maybe with your help we can even wipe out the Red-Stripes altogether!" This idea was met with murmurs of assent and profanity in equal measure from the other Basculin.

Pisces did not answer the question right away. She had to admit, she felt right at home commanding a school of her own kind against a school of Red-Stripes... but at the same time, much as she tried to not be so obvious about it, she really did like Keith.

Meanwhile, Meowth had translated everything for Keith. The Poison-type Trainer looked out at the lake. "...What did Pisces say?" he asked finally.

"Nuttin' yet," Meowth replied. "She's tinkin' about it, I tink."

"I see," sighed Keith. "Well... maybe she should stay here, then."

"WHA?!" Meowth exclaimed.

Keith sighed again. "I love Pisces like I love all my Pokémon," he said quietly. "Which is exactly why I couldn't, in good conscience, drag her away from this life if this is what she wants." As he spoke, a tear fell from his eye.

"Ya don't know dis is wat she wants, though," Meowth said fairly. "She still ain't spoke up yet."

In response to this, Keith approached the water and crouched down. "Pisces," he called. His Basculin swam up to him, looking up at him. "I... If you want to stay here, Pisces, I won't stop you," he said. "You were a natural out there, and these Basculin clearly look up to you. Maybe... maybe this is where you're needed," he finished.

"Bascu..." murmured Pisces. She wasn't sure what to think. She was being given an opportunity to join a school of her own kind who admired her... but as she considered this, she couldn't help but think about Dudley, about Fang, and Aria, and Marvolo... about all the friends she had on Keith's team, to say nothing of Keith himself. Sure, he forgot her birthday earlier in the year, but if she was honest with herself, that's pretty much the only problem she had with the guy. She wheeled around and addressed the entire school of Blue-Striped Basculin. "Bas Basculin culin, Basculin Basculin Basculin. Lin, bascu Basculin lin, bascu Basculin," she said.

Meowth's eyes teared up. "Pisces says dat she... she appreciates deir offer, but... but her place is... wit youse!" he translated, choked up with emotion.

Keith's eyes lit up at this, and at that moment, Pisces turned back around to face him. They made eye contact, and the Blue-Striped Basculin jumped out of the lake and into her Trainer's arms.

"Pisces..." Keith murmured. "I... thank you. And you know what?" he added, on a sudden inspiration. "Since you just won this big victory over a bunch of Red-Striped Basculin, I'm thinking a standard Poké Ball won't cut it for you anymore. Too much red," he said. As he said this, he reached into his backpack and pulled out a sphere with varying shades of blue forming a wavy pattern- a Dive Ball. "This one looks more like your kind of thing, right?" he asked.

"Bascu!" nodded Pisces.

Keith grinned. He set Pisces back down in the water and took out her Poké Ball. He fiddled with the sphere until the two halves broke apart, and then tapped Pisces with the Dive Ball. The Basculin was sucked inside, and the ball barely shook before giving off that familiar low-pitched ping. Grinning happily, Keith attached the Dive Ball to his belt, and after waving goodbye to the school of Blue-Striped Basculin, he and Meowth turned around and headed home for the day.

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