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Hydro Pump (WA) -- The user shoots out a high pressure stream of water, issuing forth as much water as they possibly can as fast as they possibly can to deal major damage.

Hydro Pump is ancient, so.

Fly (XX) -- The user flies up very high, moving at an erratic pace in an attempt to evade attacks levied against it. The user then swoops down, smacking into the victim for solid damage. Flying-typed Pokémon may surround themselves in Flying energy for the duration of the move to deal a Flying-typed hit, also somewhat increasing the speed of their ascent.

Dig (XX) -- The user digs underground and attacks the opponent from underneath shortly after. As the digger digs, the tunnel simply collapses, leaving nary a trace. If the user is not accustomed to being underground, then they must constantly move, as the ground will collapse on them if they stay still for too long, and certain Pokémon can't handle that. Digging for a short time will only use a decent amount of energy, but Pokémon not used to being underground will have their energy usage quickly rise the longer they continue to do so. Damage dealt is usually decent, but may rise or fall depending on the size and physical strength of the user. Ground-typed Pokémon may cover their appendages (or whatever they use to dig) in Ground-typed energy, increasing the speed of their Dig somewhat as well as allowing them to deal a Ground-typed hit that averages solid damage instead of decent.

Dive (XX) -- The user dives deep down, coming back up after several seconds to deliver a solid physical blow. Water-typed Pokémon may surround themselves in Water energy for the duration of the move, increasing their movement speed and allowing them to deal Water-typed damage.

Bite (XX) -- The user simply bites the opponent, inflicting damage depending on the Pokémon. The average Pokémon will deal good damage, though Pokémon with larger or smaller mouths may deal less or more, between moderate and solid damage. Bite may cause sharp pains that may cause softer-skinned Pokémon to flinch. Dark-typed Pokémon may use Dark energy to augment this attack, dealing no extra damage but making it deal Dark damage.

Psych Up (NO) -- The user taps into the mind and body of a target using good energy, hypnotizing itself to take on the mental and physical state of their foe or ally, albeit artificially and incompletely. This copies any mental states - positive or negative - that the target may have. This includes happiness, rage, enthusiasm, focus, calmness, and even states such as drowsiness or confusion, among others. Additionally, any stat boosts or drops, physical or mental, are also copied, but will fade at twice the rate that a boost normally would (e.g., if a freshly used Nasty Plot was copied, it would fade to one stage after a round and a half and fade completely after 3 full rounds).
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