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Hydro Pump (WA) -- The strongest water attack, it comes in a variety of forms. The basic premise is that the user fires out as much water as possible, from as many places as possible. Blastoise uses its cannons to fire the Hydro Pump, Squirtle and Wartortle withdraw into their shells and fire it from all points. The other water Pokémon that use Hydro Pump generally shoot the water straight out of their mouths, like other water attacks. All forms deal roughly major damage.

Okay, so not a huge thing, but the first part is demonstrably false (Hydro Cannon and Water Spout being obvious examples of more powerful Water moves).

The second highlighted part is talking exclusive to one line and needs to be a SCs thing and not take up space in the description. Citing that it originates from wherever the user generally fires Water moves from is good, but Staryu doesn't have a mouth, and Wailord should probably be able to get away with shooting it from its blowhole. In fact, earlier in the description, it says "from as many places as possible", which, while not a direct contradiction to it originating from the mouth, suggests against the presented idea in the highlighted bit where the general norm seems to imply mouth-only.

And something that bugs and really needs to be fixed as well is the "The other water Pokémon that use Hydro Pump" bit. Specifically, it talking about Water Pokemon only. I count no less than 6 fully-evolved Pokemon who have the move but are not Water-typed (Castform, Dragonite, Masquerain, Salamence, Dragalge, and Lugia). And that's not even counting sigs.

My proposed changes would be to move the Squirtle line examples to SCs, clarify that its origin(s) are whatever body part(s) the user can plausibly shoot water from, and clean up the description to just in general read better. And cut the word "water" from "The other water Pokémon that use Hydro Pump" for obvious reasons. Definitely cut out the first clause of the description because it's both fluff and entirely false.

And while looking at the move, maybe we should do something like we did with Thunder, Blizzard, and Fire Blast. Being a jet (or jets) of water under high pressure, it wouldn't make sense for it to be "slow" like Fire Blast, so I would say something akin to Blizzard's clause of "Though the attack is fast and powerful, the build-up may take some time and will leave the user a little winded immediately afterwards."


On another note:

Fly (XX) -- The user flies up very high, moving at an erratic pace in an attempt to evade attacks levied against it. The user then swoops down, smacking into the victim for solid damage.

Dig (XX) -- The user digs underground and attacks the opponent from underneath shortly after. As the digger digs, the tunnel simply collapses, leaving nary a trace. If the user is not accustomed to being underground, then they must constantly move, as the ground will collapse on them if they stay still for too long, and certain Pokémon can't handle that. Digging for a short time will only use a decent amount of energy, but Pokémon not used to being underground will have their energy usage quickly rise the longer they continue to do so. Damage dealt is usually decent, but may rise or fall depending on the size and physical strength of the user.

Dive (XX) -- The user dives deep down, coming back up after several seconds to deliver a solid physical blow.

Can we please finally grant Flying-types, Ground-types, and Water-types, respectively, the ability to use these in a typed variation? Not forcing it having to be typed, but allowing them to choose to imbue them with Flying/Ground/Water energy if desired?

Proposed changes: exactly what I just said.
Also I propose either making an explicit energy increase for significant movement, such as using it to dodge, or noting that while they can be used to help dodge, that usually this will result in only a partial dodge. That should really be a feature in most, as they say, "dodge and attack" moves.


And on one more note

Bite (XX) -- The R/B/Y version of the Bite attack. The user simply bites the opponent, inflicting damage depending on the Pokeémon. The average Pokeémon will deal good damage, though Pokeémon with larger or smaller mouths may deal less or more, between moderate and solid damage. Bite may cause sharp pains that may cause softer-skinned Pokeémon to flinch.

Is there any real reason for this to still be not Dark? I mean, yeah, Bite is considered an autogrant for anything with teeth, and I'm not going to say we should fuck over autogrant moves, but there are a couple options here. And it not being Dark can screw with a lot of Pokemon. Mega Gyarados has a whopping 3 Dark STAB attacks, one of which it just got in ORAS. Dark has some STAB troubles anyway, and adding in another reliable move that should be Dark anyway should only be an improvement.

Also: "Pokmon" appears four times.

So proposed changes here:
Make it Dark and just cut it from the autogrant (without cutting any of the other autogranted moves)
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