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For now I'll just make Psych Up clearer. Boost changes seems controversial enough to my surprise to enact it now.

Psych Up (NO) -- Using good energy, the user concentrates, and then gains the opponent's mindset. This will effectively put the user in the headspace of their target, granting them any mental state - positive or negative - that the opponent may have. This includes happiness, rage, enthusiasm, focus, calmness, and even states such as drowsiness or confusion, among others. This move can be used through confusion, though the foe must be in a state that would clear the status (e.g. Calm Mind, Zen Headbutt, etc.) in order to clear their own entirely.

Please suggest other examples/tell me why the last sentence is bad.

Rest (NO) -- The user settles down and goes to sleep in order to regain energy at a fast rate. The user will sleep for about the length of an average round, and will restore x1.5 a Hyper Beam worth of energy if able to sleep for the maximum time. The user may continue sleeping in to the next round if Rest is started late in the round or in similar circumstances. Since Rest is self-induced sleep, it is somewhat deeper than average sleep, meaning that more damage is needed to wake the user, around heavy, and only sound moves such as Uproar that specialize in waking can disturb them. Each subsequent use of Rest will restore energy less quickly than before and restore less energy overall.

Took out specific length, clarified how multiple round Rests work and just made it diminishing returns since that's basically our policy now.

Amnesia (NO) -- The user clears its mind using decent energy, forgetting the frustrations and triumphs of the battle to concentrate on other things. This mental clarity gives the user some resistance against Special Attacks, particularly mentally-affecting ones, as it is able to concentrate on defending against them, increasing Special Defense sharply. Due to the clearing of the user's mind, it is also able to clear mental blocks, mental links or other Psychic manipulations caused by moves such as Swaps, Imprison or the like.

Calm Mind (NO) -- The user meditates, using decent energy, focusing itself on its special attacks. This gives its special attack power a boost, but unlike the game, there is no increase in general special defense. However, with a calm mind in place, the user is less prone to be controlled by telepathy or any attacks which effect the mind.
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