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  • The current full description or rule (if applicable), highlighting any problem areas
  • The issues with the move (in bullet points or short paragraphs)
  • The proposed changes (please do not rewrite the moves yourself)


Rest (NO) -- The user settles down and goes to sleep in order to regain energy at a fast rate. The user will sleep for about half a minute, the same length as most rounds, and will restore x1.5 a Hyper Beam worth of energy if able to sleep for the maximum time. The user may continue sleeping in to the next round if applicable. Since Rest is self-induced sleep, it is somewhat deeper than average sleep, meaning that more damage is needed to wake the user, around heavy, and only sound moves such as Uproar that specialize in waking can disturb them. Rest may only be used once per Pokémon.


[08:30:09] Sprinks Sneaze: Miror make Jeri rewrite Rest so Kush can't use it to support his dumb 30 seconds claim.
[08:33:03] Sprinks Sneaze: I don't like when everyone tells a newer member that rounds aren't a specific length and then Kush comes in with a move that he wrote forever ago that gives a specific length just so he can say "that's all well and good but a round is 30 seconds"

Tl;dr bawww Kush is right yet again I wish I had read the rules before misinforming people in an official thread why does no-one listen to me ;;


Remove bolded clause (1), replace with "the length of an average round" add in a thing on the main site somewhere saying that rounds are fluid and not of a set length but that it is not usually possible to use more than two moves after another Pokémon has used two moves.

Basically as long as it isn't possible for Pokémon X to do two moves and then subsequently Pokémon Y to do another two moves in the majority of rounds I think we're good. The animé does have evidence of "lol mega fuck it with two or three moves" but it's usually situational and does not make for freeflowing and balanced gameplay.

ALSO why is it we only let Pokémon use Rest once per match again? I think like six years ago people were scared of stall battles but can we consider a denerf of recovery moves? ASB is not exactly cursed with slow matchups on a regular basis. Slow orders/reffings, yes.

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