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Vesta watched Syre carefully, noting the draconic aura that flared around his body. If he'd been testing her before, there was no sign of such now. He looked determined, but his eyes - small but sharp, like an eagle's, she noticed - no longer carried the annoyance they'd held just minutes prior. Rather, they seemed to sparkle with excitement ... had her evolution changed his view of the battle? That seemed a likely theory. He was a tough dragon, well-trained in the school of violence, and violence was certainly a language he spoke; being able to fight a Pokemon of more comparable strength to him would certainly appeal to him. But that didn't explain his current expression. He looked positively glad to throw his all into the battle.

So he was holding back. But Vesta, seeing him rapidly approach, knew that speculation would have to be put on hold for now. Syre's incoming assault streaked through the air like a blue star, its dragon's jaws wide. In a flash of reckless inspiration, she tapped into her own power, deciding to fight fire with fire - or dragon with dragon, as it were. With a flap of her wings, she angled toward him in an accelerating dive, letting a Dragon Rush of her own blossom around her like a flower of fire. Not being as attuned to draconic energy as Syre was, she could tell that her dragon manifestation wasn't quite as impressive as his. But then again, it didn't need to be. Not if her understanding of typings was correct.

The wind rushed in her ears. Around them, the two glowing dragons roared with power. This was going to hurt both of them, Vesta knew ... but she also knew that Syre wouldn't have it any other way. And come to think of it, neither would she. Her eyes narrowed as he streaked toward her, and she gritted her teeth, preparing for the impact to come ...
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