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Ground floor, Entrance: As Keith introduced himself and his Pokémon, Kyle also introduced himself to them. Herex, the Drapion, replied to Kyle, saying that he was perhaps the bravest Pokémon she'd heard of, considering how he came out on top despite all the hardships he'd endured. "Well, I can't really claim full credit for that," Kyle replied modestly. "It's true I was able to help what remained of my pack survive for a remarkably long time, between the Durant famine and Heatran forcing all of the locals he didn't kill to try and kill us, but the fact remains that had Keith not come into the picture, we would have died." At this point, the Anteater Pokémon glanced up at Keith, admiration in his eyes, before turning back to Herex. "I miss my pack at times, though I absolutely don't regret joining Keith," he added. "I've seen so much of the world I never would have dreamed of had I remained in Mt. Aduro, and Keith's taught me a great variety of useful attacks, some of which I didn't even know I could learn. And some of his other Pokémon are rather remarkable, too."

Meanwhile, Vog informed Keith that he'd be welcome to partake in the training- two of Alex's Pokémon were already battling up on the fourth floor, but Keith was informed that there were most likely other Pokémon of Alex's willing to take him on. "Sounds good," Keith smiled, as he followed the Drowzee to the elevator, with Kyle in turn following him.

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