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Ground floor: Entrance

With introductions done and watching Keith and Meowth converse, Vog noted the decision to switch one of Keith's pokemon out with some respect, as there was little knowledge of what a metting with a Seviper would do for Totsuka. As the human turned to the pair and introduced himself and his Heatmor Kyle, the psychic pokemon nodded sagely as Herex met with the fire type.

"Likewise. You're perhaps the bravest 'mon I've heard of to survive such hardships and come out on top. Well, at least that's what I hear from Lapis in conversation."

At the sound of the Banette's Revenge, the pair blanched for the slightest moment before composing themselves once more, when Keith mentioned interest in the traning above.

'Of course you're welcome, the battleground is on the fourth floor up. If my memory serves me, currently Miss Tantalia and Sir Mjolnir are duelling, though if you wish to partake I am confident that a couple of others would be willing. Allow me to escort you there,' Vog replied with the standard of grace the Drowzee seemed to emanate as he beckoned the group to the elevator.

Floor 5, Arcade.

Alex had just turned to the world news section of the paper when the elevator pinged and opened, with a Sandshrew emerging from it with a small note in his claws, printed off from the ground floor. Scampering to the trainer, Glasspine handed the paper to him as he folded the newspaper shut before giving a quick glance over it.

"Guests, huh? Ah, right, that Keith guy," he sighed to himself, assuming that the renowned trainer had come to discuss the 'borrowing' of his vessel. He shrugged, before scooping the Sandshrew up into his arms and heading for the elevator, the fourth floor being the destination, thankful for Silph technology expanding to the elevator system. Quantum elevators, capable of using up to three at a time...just what connectons does that bird have?

Floor 4: Battleground.


'Rrrrgh! Not bad!'

In the main battleground, flanked by statues of Dialga and Palkia, Mjolnir the wampert and Tantalia the Conkeldurr were sparring, the water type shaking himself off after taking a particularly fierce brick break from the fighter, who was bracing herself for his retaliatory brick break, the pair trading melee blows while Paine monitored the bout, breaking the pair up when necessary with a quick light screen, though this seemed unnecessary at the moment.

In the viewing room a trio of small pokemon sat at one of the tables with berry smoothies, the Cubone, Aipom and Golett watching the duel with interest (though in the Golett's case this was less interest and more out of nothing better to do) while on one of the loungers lay a purple cat, the shadow pokemon doing what she did best: lazing around. At the other table sat an Infernape, who was busy using his Thunder Punch to power a blender, being the source of the smoothies while the ice came from the fridge. Nothung of course knew that Mistilteinn and Halley were out on business, heading to the mainland to restock on frozen goods, and they wouldn't be too long, and as he sat, savoured the peace the ape had worked so much for.




The cries came from the smaller pokemon as the duel took a painful twist. Taking advantage of a slow swing, Mjolnir had fired a nasty mega punch at Tantalia, taking the fighter off-guard and knocking her flying a few metres, only for the Muscular pokemon to bounce back with surprising agility, cloaked in crimson as the fish realized he'd been had, the counterattack grappling him and lobbing him across the room, slamming into the wall as the Gothorita stared stoically, before waving her arms to call a break from the fisticuffs, the Swampert groggily clambering from lying to all fours, panting.

'Grrrgh...didn't see coming...good hit there...' he panted, his opponent equally shaken.

' threw that last punch well...' the Conkeldurr grunted back, bracing herself with her pillars as their referee gave a hum to indicate training was done for now, with the next fight due when Mist got back.
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