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Sedge is ready to pummel Amelie into the dirt. Like seriously, Sedge can already see the Nidorina's face in the dirt. It will be glorio- OH GOD WHAT IN FRESH HELL IS THAT NOISE


It's Amelie screaming her fury at the terrible matchup she's in for the moment. I see. Well apparently it worked, because now Sedge is super addled, and the matchup got slightly less terrible for her. Cool beans.

Anyway, Sedge is too busy seeing quintuple to care much about the match at the moment, so he can't really be arsed to Earthquake. Amelie smirks at his opponent's incapacitated state, before deciding to vomit up some spikes all over the field. Eugh, they're all purple and gooey. Disgusting. For whatever reason, they're emitting a gas of some sort, and the gas makes Sedge begin to glow purple as well, clearly poisoned. The whole being poisoned thing seems to have made Sedge just a little more lucid, and he manages to fire off the Mud Bomb he was asked to- just at a rock about three feet to Amelie's left rather than at the Nidorina herself.

Sedge didn't use much energy. Quite peppy, confused and poisoned. Amelie will be good for two. The only damage this round was Sedge's poison damage.

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