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Oh ok so we are not bothering to follow the rules of this thread? Good to know.

Seems that there are two schools of thought. My personal view is that we should make it take all boosts, as well as the current enthusiasm, happiness, all that good stuff. Have it give boosts for half the original time, so if for example you ref Nasty Plot as being a sharp boost for two rounds and a small boost for another two rounds, Psych Up would give you one round of sharp boost and one round of moderate boost. If you want it to also copy status then fine whatever floats your boat.

The point about cheaply evening match ups is valid, but was dealt with by my initial suggestion. You can simply have Psych Up be less effective, less long lasting, less cost effective... etc etc. Like, yes you don't want to devalue boosting, but also Psych Up is currently without any value and could easily add a superior dimension to the boosting game without being too powerful.

I frankly cannot see any valid reason at all to argue that Psych Up should take Nasty Plot but not Iron Defense (as an example). It makes for needlessly convoluted game design and the benefit is negligible.

However, if you want it to be dull and not have Psych Up take any boosts, that would be fine. Just add in to the description that this is the case.
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