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Originally Posted by Snorby View Post
*Pops in before heading off to his eternal hell once again*

Gonna throw in my two cents and say this is an absolutely massive leap. Mental boosting moves already help clear confusion (Calm Mind, Amnesia). Bulk Up, Curse and the like never have and never will cure a burn.

I'm unsure which course of action is a better idea- I lean towards Kush at the moment but the other side has merit as well- but what I will say is that if you're gonna shoot down Kush's proposal do it for a better reason than this.

Also please let's just kill happiness and make Return/Frustration purely based on who's in the lead. Good if you're losing, Significant if you're winning on Return, vice versa on Frustration. Hell, maybe make them sluggish/fast accordingly, in the same vein as retaliate.
I in no way mentioned Bulk Up or Curse or anything. The entire point is that if we allow Psych Up to copy the opponent's physical state, we'd already be throwing in everything else so it's already safe to assume the kitchen sink would go as well. Statuses are very much a part of the Pokemon's physical attributes at any given time, and it makes zero sense for it to say "I'm going to copy literally everything about you... but perhaps not that." or "I'm getting rid of every single debuff that has been put on me... but I'll hang onto this I guess." Could we word it in some stupid way to avoid doing that? Yeah probably, but again why would it not get rid of physical status when it already gets rid of mental ones?
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