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Originally Posted by Sneaze View Post
Alright so I'm about infinity percent not okay with Psych Up copying physical state in any way, shape, or form. It just reeks to me of a way to make it something in the vein of Power Swap and Guard Swap but with the upside of doing both and getting rid of any status you might have (yes I say any because if we're allowing change of physical state then why would we not allow this if we allow change of mental state to rid confusion et al) with the rather small downside of your foe not losing anything. It would become a 100% guaranteed way to instantly even out a matchup with no real downside, and I'm sorry I just can't support the idea of letting a single move even out what is potentially a few rounds of buffing, debuffing, and statusing. I really think we just need to clarify it's uses in its current form and go from there, if it still needs a bit of a buff it can be added to later, but I dislike the idea of making moves super overly good and then attempting to bring them down after they've been abused.

Also, side note, but every time I see someone suggest that exhaustion be a mental thing I want to slap people.
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Gonna throw in my two cents and say this is an absolutely massive leap. Mental boosting moves already help clear confusion (Calm Mind, Amnesia). Bulk Up, Curse and the like never have and never will cure a burn.

I'm unsure which course of action is a better idea- I lean towards Kush at the moment but the other side has merit as well- but what I will say is that if you're gonna shoot down Kush's proposal do it for a better reason than this.

Also please let's just kill happiness and make Return/Frustration purely based on who's in the lead. Good if you're losing, Significant if you're winning on Return, vice versa on Frustration. Hell, maybe make them sluggish/fast accordingly, in the same vein as retaliate.

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