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>tfw Mirror Force
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I meant to type up a counter-proposal earlier but got heavily distracted with KC.

My proposal would be to clarify the current description since it is isn't over-complicated but rather unintuitive (for example, happiness being changed to enthusiasm, battle-readiness being changed to exhaustion or fatigue), clarify that it will work on mental boosts and cure confusion very consistently. Reduce the energy needed to a moderate amount so it has some utility with boost taking, and there is a small issue with mental SC boosts like Alakazam as we already have moves for this and I don't want to overshadow those moves with this one. I don't think just flatly taking boosts will make Psych Up really usuable, you're just spending extra energy to make the match-up relatively neutral again, and there are some moves like Iron Defense or Curse that this doesn't really make sense to work on (not to mention this move could totally be interpreted as just taking the buffs and not the debuffs of said moves). I do like our current move, which has no real competition (where this one would have some competition with moves like Haze and Clear Smog and while its not direct competition, both moves are very clearly better than the suggested proposal), and given its Japanese name of Self-Suggest, which references Self-Suggestion and all the hypno/trance stuff involved with that makes a bit more sense.
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