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  • The current full description or rule (if applicable), highlighting any problem areas
  • The issues with the move (in bullet points or short paragraphs)
  • The proposed changes (please do not rewrite the moves yourself)

1) Psych Up (NO) -- Using good energy, the user concentrates, and then gains the opponent's mindset. This includes happiness, battle-readiness, and attractions (The Psyched Up Pokémon will be attracted to the opponent, not itself).

2) This is the worst move description I have looked at in a long while. It is over complicated and unclear, includes a good amount of superluous information (happiness? really?), but does not actually do anything meaningful.

Although most people would interpret this as stealing stuff like Nasty Plot, they would be perfectly within their rights not to ref it like that. The move does not mention boosts at all. Is that what 'battle readiness' is? It's unclear.

Moreover, and whether this is a pro or con is a more debatable point, there is absolutely no reason to ref this taking stuff like Iron Defense or Charge Beam. I personally believe that this is a drawback. I appreciate that some have disagreed with this position in the past.

Now, I realise that it has the word 'Psych' in it but can we please stop nerfing moves like this? It's not 2011 anymore. Muyo is not in charge.

3) Remove everything that comes after the second comma of the first sentence. Replace with a clause that says "copying the target's boosts". There is no need to include any other text.

Should you consider this to be too strong, which would be a perfectly valid position, a good way to deal with it would be to say that the copied boosts are weaker/less long lasting than the original version. Alternatively, change 'good' energy to be '1.2x the cost of the boost stolen' or something similar. The way to balance this move is not to write it so it's vague and meaningless.

One additional point you may wish to add is to say that this move does not copy stuff like Confusion and Attraction. No animé evidence to say that it should do so. Japanese name in no way points to this.

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