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Ground floor, Entrance: After Keith had knocked, he looked back up at the towering rock formation, once again marveling at the fact that it had apparently been converted into a massive Secret Base. Keith, of course, had ambitions to expand his Secret Base into a dwelling of palace-esque proportions, but he was pretty sure that wouldn't happen anytime soon, and even if it did, no way in hell could he top this. And that was just his thoughts upon seeing the outside!

Not long afterwards, the doors swung open, and Keith could see just what had pulled them open- a Drapion, with a Drowzee standing nearby. Keith knew both species of Pokémon well, as he owned a Drapion himself, and had owned several Drowzee over the years.

And then came a voice in Keith's mind- he was no stranger to telepathic conversation, so it came as no surprise to him that the Drowzee was greeting him in this way, even if Somnus had never mastered the art of telepathy himself. No, Keith's experience in telepathic communication had more to do with his Swoobat and his Weezing, but nevertheless, he got the idea that it was this Drowzee greeting him. He couldn't help but grin as the Drowzee seemed to have heard of him, and also seemed to think somewhat highly of him. The Drowzee, who introduced himself as Vog and the Drapion as Herex, invited Keith to enter, while explaining that there were rooms in which to rest up on the three floors above them, as well as some training going on on the fourth floor, and the owner of the Secret Base was on the fifth floor- said owner being Alex Blackhall.

Keith exchanged looks with Meowth. "So this is Alex's Secret Base," Keith remarked.

"Hey, wait- ain't he da one Chuck said had a Zangoose?" Meowth said suddenly.

"Ooh, yeah, you're right," Keith murmured, whipping out his Koffing Purple Pokédex and hastily pressing a few buttons. One of the Poké Balls on his belt disappeared and was swiftly replaced with a Safari Ball. "Glad you caught that, Meowth- I don't think Marvolo would be very welcome here if there is indeed a Zangoose on the premises. Anyway," he added, turning back to the Drowzee. "Um... thank you. I'm guessing you already know I'm Keith Masters, but this is Meowth, and this here is Kyle, my Heatmor."

"A pleasure to meet you," Kyle said in greeting to the Drowzee and Drapion.

"Da journey weren't dat tirin'," Meowth added. "But den, I spent da whole trip on dis guy's shoulder."

Keith chuckled. "Actually, it wasn't too bad a journey- we came here by boat, you can probably see her out the window- the Banette's Revenge. Honestly, I'm more interested in the training you mentioned," he admitted. "I don't suppose we'd be allowed to get in on that, or at least watch?" he asked. As he spoke, Kyle looked as though he too was interested in the training that was going on.

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