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Honestly I see no reason to not make it an optional thing. All the arguments against it seem to be that it wouldn't be helpful enough, which is more of an argument against making it mandatory, not against making it optional.

Naturally, it wouldn't help if two slow refs pair up. But if you pair somebody like me, who has ALL OF THE FREE TIME and is able to ref pretty reliably, with someone like Roto, who's main concern that keeps him from reffing more is unreliability, then it's a good thing, because it allows Roto to be able to take more matches since he knows he's got a guy to cover for him if he needs it.

Although, I think ref caps would have to be changed somehow (Shared matches count as half a match in regards to the ref cap?) Because honestly leaving it as is would make it have a negative effect on the ASB since it'd basically halve our manpower.

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