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Originally Posted by Stealthy View Post
The reason half finished matches aren't getting picked up isn't because people don't want to pick up half finished matches. It's people not picking up matches at all. And because there's a growing trend of finding a ref before you slap up the match, that means a lot of what goes in the ref queue are unfinished matches. Especially with Connor just leaving. And slapping SP gains everywhere isn't going to change the fact that people don't want to pick up matches. Honestly, I figured the tying SP to levels thing should've been a big motivator on its own. Kinda surprised it isn't.
Pretty much this. Either because of self imposed caps due to not wanting to take on too much or for those of us like me who are constantly at our reffing cap, there's just not many people either eager or able to take additional matches. Plus, it's getting on to the point where we have quite a few people who've left or are on TA due to school or whatnot that's lowered the amount of active refs as a whole.
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