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Originally Posted by Sneaze View Post
Honestly with the final ref getting to dole out SP how they please, there's really no need for that given that they already usually take a rather huge chunk in almost every situation, especially if they actually keep the bonus since they can then claim the bonus on all the other matchups in the match and not have any form of guilt due to the previous ref getting their SP for that matchup (ex: taking a 3v3 on the third matchup, reffing quickly, and taking 4 SP and giving the previous ref 2 SP).

That said I really do think we need to stop bitching and moaning at refs that take a large chunk of the SP for less work. The fact is they stepped up to the plate and finished the match, which the old ref was incapable of doing, so they can take as much as they damn well please as long as the old ref gets something.
All of my this. I don't think it's necessary to entice ref's to take already started matches further- I know if I was able to I'd have cleared the queue of a good chunk of them already.

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