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The Volcanic Mountain. This active volcano was among a number of active volcanoes in the Fizzytopia region, albeit a number that had recently been reduced by one thanks to recent events in the Cascadia Archipelago. This volcano, bearing a decidedly uninspired name, stood tall upon a nameless island in the sea of Fizzytopia, though was by no means the island's only attraction. Indeed, the coast of said island was home to a towering spire of rock, said to have been created by the collision of attacks from three horribly powerful legendary Pokémon, and rumored to have survived the elements for centuries, as solid now as it was hundreds of years ago. This formidable formation was an undoubtedly impressive sight, and indeed, that sight was being seen from afar by those aboard the boat approaching the island.

The boat was a large, impressive vessel indeed, built out of wood- it would have bore a remarkable resemblance to an old-time sailing ship were it not for the lack of masts or sails. Instead, a propeller off the stern was what moved her through the water. Those viewing this boat from behind would be able to see her name, painted on the stern in blood-red letters; Banette's Revenge. And at the helm of the Banette's Revenge stood her captain, steering her towards the island- the Poison-type Trainer known as Keith Masters.

"Wow, so dat's da Sundered Blade, huh?" said the Meowth on Keith's shoulder.

"Yep," nodded Keith. "What say we check it out once we dock the Revenge, hmm?"

"Works fer me," nodded Meowth.

"Heat Heatmor!" chimed in the Fire-type next to Keith.

"Heh, figured you'd like to see it, Kyle," grinned Keith as he started to turn the steering wheel, preparing to dock the boat. "I'm guessing there's nothing that impressive on Aduro Island?" Indeed, Kyle shook his head no, and continued to look up at the spire.

Not long after that, the boat was docked, and Keith was ashore, along with his Pokémon, and they were approaching the Sundered Blade. And as they drew closer, Keith could see something he most certainly hadn't expected to see- a door. A door, right at the base of the spire. "Wat da..." Meowth murmured. "wat's dat door doin' dere?"

"And look- windows," Keith added. Now thqt they were even closer, Keith could see that there were indeed many windows built into the formidable formation, giving the impression that a tall building with multiple floors had been built into the rock. "I... This... It looks like... like somebody's built a Secret Base into the Sundered Blade. And a huge one, at that. "C'mon, this I gotta see." he said as he approached the door and knocked.

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