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Levin had seen this dozens of times by now, but it was a special sight whenever it occurred. Pushed to the edge, and in the face of absolute destruction, Vesta had awakened her full potential and evolved into Charizard, attaining what was considered to be the species' ultimate form up until recently. It was nothing short of majestic: towering above any human, wings spread wide and her tail's flame burning brighter than ever, Vesta was now a sight to behold. A sentiment shared by Syre, Levin could tell.

The blue dragon gazed in admiration. Vesta had not only nullified his ultimate move, but she had grown even stronger in the process - much like Ajax had done earlier in the day. The Haxorus was indeed the stronger dragon and bested him immediately upon evolving, but he didn't really think of Vesta as having comparable potential - until now. This changed everything; he had to stop testing her and actually give it his all now. There was no doubt about it - Vesta was the most impressive female he'd ever met.

His heart was racing and he found himself short of breath - not just because the second Draco Meteor of the day had taken an immense toll on him, but also because he felt an unprecedented excitement after the latest turn of events. This, more than anything else in recent memory, made him happy. Somehow, Vesta made him happy...

Syre was briefly lost in thought when the newly-evolved Fire-Type made her move. Dashing forward with unexpected agility, the orange blur blazed past the Salamence and slashed away with a Dragon Claw that severely injured his torso, before flying upward to gain superior positioning over her foe. Syre contemplated his options: there was one move in his arsenal that could knock Vesta clean off the sky and douse her flame for good... if only he wasn't so heavily drained from the previous Meteors. No, Hydro Pump wasn't an option, as wasn't any kind of ranged offense at this point in the match. If he wanted to triumph over Pest's partner, he'd have to bring the fight to her, no holds barred. He was a close-range powerhouse, and it was time he put all of his strength to use: one move to finish her off!

A glimmering blue aura surrounded the large dragon, engulfing him in light; the ethereal flame twisted and swirled as Syre focused, and then, with a mighty roar, the Salamence took flight and dashed straight at the airborne Vesta! The energy took shape as Syre charged, changing to resemble a colossal dragon's head with jaws agape, ready to devour its prey. This was Syre's strongest move, that made the most of his physical supremacy: this Dragon Rush was his best bet to overcome Vesta, now that she was in her prime!

After two drawn-out battles in the same day, he felt his body falter and his vision blur briefly, but he'd persevere. He had more pride than perhaps even Levin, and falling before Vesta was something he couldn't conceive. Levin watched on as his Salamence crossed the sky, leaving a glowing trail behind, like a blue comet on a collision course with the orange star up above.

Syre, I don't know if you see it yet, but she's the one you've been looking for all this time.
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