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Birthdays and Rules.

Base Rules.

1: RP is free as it comes. There's no direct limit on what pokemon to bring, but Alex would ask to leave your Zangoose and Seviper at home, for the very existence of his own Shadow Zangoose could be a can of Zygarde he is unwilling to open.

2: Under no normal circumstances would access to the top floor be free for visitors. Unless Alex allows it, you may not head for that location.

3: When posting and replying, be sure to state which floor each subpost occurs on, this makes things much easier. This base is freaking huge, I believe the biggest in FB, so this is to avoid confusion.

4: Above all, have fun!

Base status: Open.


10 Jan: Alex the Human.
29 Jan: Fragarath the Honchkrow.
6 Feb: Caladbolg the Garchomp.
29 Feb: Halley the Jirachi.

19 Apr: Totsuka the Shadow Zangoose.

13 Jul: Harpe the Aipom.
24 Jul: Nothung the Infernape.
24 Aug: Tantalia the Conkeldurr.
25 Aug: Glasspine the Sandshrew.
3 Sep: Paine the Gothorita.
15 Sep: Herex the Drapion.

22 Oct: Isaac the Cubone.
23 Oct: Lapis the Dusclops.
27 Oct: Golett the Golett.
11 Dec: Mjolnir the Swampert.
14 Dec: Vog the Drowzee.
17 Dec: Napier the Horsea.
20 Dec: Nuhuko the Lunatone.
31 Dec: Mistilteinn the Abomasnow.

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