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Decor and Legal Stuff.

Item Purchase 1
x2 White Glass Table
x1 Black Lounger
x1 Black Sofa
x4 Green Plush Stools
x1 Flower Bucket
x4 Blue Rock
x1 Spikes Mat
x1 Regice Doll
x1 Torchic Doll
x1 Togepi Doll
x2 Electric Cushion
x1 PC
x1 Long Blue Bookcase
x2 Glass Sculpture
x1 White Bed
x4 Blue Curtains
x1 Clock

Item Purchase 2
x1 Lugia Plushie
x1 Rayquaza Plushie
x1 Shiny Rayquaza Plushie
x1 Shiny Groudon Plushie
x1 Shiny Mew Plushie
x1 Mewtwo Plushie
x1 Shaymin Plushie
x1 Regigigas Plushie
x1 Palkia Plushie
x1 Heatran Plushie
x1 Dialga Plushie

Item Purchase 3
x11 Beds, 1 white, 2 of each of the other 5 colours
x12 Plush Stools, 4 of each of Red, Blue and Yellow
x1 Black Lounger
x1 Black Sofa
x2 White Loungers
x2 White Sofas
x10 Pokemon Chairs
x2 White Glass Tables
x12 Checkered Tables, 2 of each colour
x2 Brick Tables
x6 Pokemon Desks

x4 Fountains
x3 Flower Buckets
x4 Gorgeous Trees
x6 Flower Dishes
x6 Pretty Flowers
x8 Tropical Plants

x1 Spikes Mat
x2 Fire Blast Mats
x2 Razor Leaf Mats
x2 Hydro Pump Mats
x2 Fissure Mats
x2 Thunder Mats

x2 Grass Cushions
x2 Water Cushions
x2 Fire Cushions
x2 Diamond Cushions
x2 Ball Cushions

x1 Regirock Doll
x1 Registeel Doll
x1 Lapras Doll
x1 Treecko Doll
x1 Mudkip Doll
x2 Baltoy Dolls
x2 Duskull Dolls

x4 Slot Machines
x2 Snooker Tables
x3 PCs
x2 PC and Desk
x4 Wall TVs
x4 Fridge Freezers
x4 TV and Stands
x2 Glass Sculptures
x3 Silver Shields
x12 Curtains, 4 of each of Red, Green and Yellow
x11 Clocks
x8 White Round Bookcases
x8 White Tall Bookcases
x2 Satellite Dishes
x5 Amber Displays
x1 Model Ship

Base Purchase and Insurance.

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