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Trainer Level: 4
Ref Grade: B
Grass GT - Rain Edition

WLD: 15(8)/24(4)/2

KO's: 71/TP: 190/SP: 0 (47 SP gained towards TL5)

Spoiler: show
Level 5
Maraqua - Level 5 Female Tangrowth (Uplevel)
Hidden Power - Rock
Bio: "Wired but alive at the break of the day as the last few survivors fall away, fall away"
Maraqua is a rather strange Tangela and that isn't referencing the fact that her name is one of the areas in Neopets, no, it's more the fact that she rocks a bit too much which sounds unbelievable but it's true. In fact, Maraqua has started to use her ability to rock around the battlefield in such a way that her opponents become wary whenever she touches down and smiles her eerie unseen smile that we don't even know exists.
Signature Attack: Stone Lashing (RK)
At the cost of Heavy Rock energy, Maraqua whips a rock energy covered vine at her opponent to deal Heavy Rock damage. The vine itself has a maximum length of ten feet and has a 20% chance to confuse the opponent. Maraqua is no longer able to use Wring Out and won't learn Rock Slide as a Tangrowth. Maraqua has the off-type to use this move twice per battle.
Neptune - Level 5 Female Purple and White Gardevoir (Uplevel)
Hidden Power - Fire
Bio: "It's dangerous to go alone. Take Nep!"
Neptune is the current CPU (Console Patron Unit) of Planeptune, as a CPU she has powers of a goddess and has a duty to look after the citizens of Planeptune... Which she kinda sucks at doing as she enjoys to do nothing but nap and play games all day. This Neptune isn't that same Neptune, this Nep is much better at working and is the partner Pokemon of the Planeptune CPU who trains alongside her partner most days and as such, she has picked up Neptune's signature attack.
Special Attack: Cross Combo (Ground)
By using Significant Ground energy to create a beam-sword (energy construct with length equal to that of a Marowak's bone), Neptune's ultimate attack is where she rushes her opponent and slashes them with her sword, causing Significant damage as well as a 10% chance to confuse, Neptune has the off-type to use this move twice per battle.

Level 4

Bakugo - Level 4 Male Camerupt
Bio: This Camerupt is a prize for ranking first or second in the 2017 Spring Grand Melee. It does not count towards squad limits.
Special Technique: Press the Button
Once per battle Camerupt may expend significant energy to enter a state of extreme heat for three rounds, reducing all Water damage it takes by half as well as causing all of its Fire attacks to gain significant knockback.
Noire - Level 4 Female Houndoom
Mega Stone attached: Houndoominite
Hidden Power - Fighting
Bio: "N-No! My big television debut and I'm in my normal clothes?! Ugh, how's my hair? Give me a mirror!"
As a tsun-tsun, Noire often says things in a sarcastic manner or in a way as to make others think that she's doing things out of the kindness of her heart but of course this never works so she's decided to try even harder and burn her tsundere ways into the heart of her opponent.
Signature Attack: Tsunderic Flames (Fire)
Using Heavy Fire energy, Noire shoots forward a flurry of pink flames which circle the opponent rapidly before slamming into the opponent and covering them in a pink hellfire. This hellfire causes good Fire damage but also puts the opponent into a Taunted state for a round and a half after the attack was used. Noire has forgotten Foul Play, Beat Up and Fire Blast as these attacks don't send across the message she wants. Noire may use this move thrice per battle.
Miss Mantle - Level 4 Female Marowak
Hidden Power - Ice
Bio: "Diesel and dust is what we breathe, this land don't change and we don't leave"
Miss Mantle was named after the earth, this much is quite obvious but what isn't obvious is the fact that Miss Mantle's skull is actually made from magic that comes from the land. What kind of magic? Well, that's a mystery to everyone and will probably stay that way for quite a while but this magic is pretty cool in what it can do, things that one wouldn't imagine are possible become possible with this voodoo. But enough about that, I'll let Miss Mantle show you what she can do herself.
Special Technique - Have A Helmet
Using Considerable Ground energy, Miss Mantle fires a ray of light at her opponent which deals no damage but instead turns into a counterfeit Cubone's skull with eye holes smaller than the opponent's eyes, this in turn causes accuracy for the affected Pokemon to fall slightly. It becomes stuck on the opponent's skull and obscures their vision as well as causing Mild Ground damage at the end of every round the helmet is active. The helmet lasts for 3 rounds and takes quite a bit of work to remove but is in fact removable. Miss Mantle can use this move once per Pokemon.

Luna - Level 4 Female Meganium
Token Attached: Harvester's Token
Hidden Power - Ground
Bio: "Some call me sister of the moon, some say illusions are my game"
Luna has always been a very odd Meganium, especially as she was once part Rock but that is no more. Luna has since longed having something to make her shine once more so she would no longer stink... Smell pun intended. Luna finally came up with a fragrant idea which would make any spice specialist proud and also somewhat concerned.
Signature Trait: Tri Scents
Luna may now switch between her SC scent and the SC scents of Chikorita and Bayleef, this change of SC scent happens once every three rounds and which scent it ends up being is decided by RNG. Each switch to the scent of Chikorita or Bayleef will cost Light energy. Luna may no longer increase the radius of her scents and has also forgotten how to use Sweet Scent and Aromatherapy
Misfortune -Level 4 Male Trevenant
Token Attached: Reaper's Token
Hidden Power - Fire
Bio: "It's a long dark road, leads to me where I'm going"
Misfortune befalls those who are not expecting it. Misfortune is the unexpected, as for whether it is good or bad depends on the individual's point of view. Misfortune strikes not once nor twice but as many times as it will so desire at the time. Misfortune is also a Ghost/Grass with big ideas and ways of making his opponent scream and beg for mercy.
Signature Attack: Gentle Hum (Ghost)
Using Heavy energy, Misfortune starts humming which sends Ghost energy billowing throughout the arena. Any Pokemon which hear this will find it difficult to move due to being locked up by physical paralysis, this paralysis will affect Electric types as well. Misfortune can use this twice per battle and has forgotten how to use Forest's Curse and Curse as these moves are viewed as not giving the opponent enough misfortune.
Fleetwood - Level 4 Male Piloswine
Hidden Power - Flying
Bio: "Don't say that you love me! Just tell me that you want me!"
Fleetwood, according to some, has a Heart of Stone but don't let that deceive you as it isn't stone at all... It's a heart of ice; NeverMeltIce. This cold truth has seen Fleetwood use it to power his body and soul in order to truly be a menace to all that happen to come across him in battle no matter what they are.
Signature Attack: Frigid Contact (IC)
Using Heavy energy, Fleetwood covers his body entirely in a magical ice which does not restrict his movement whatsoever. Fleetwood then charges his foe with an extremely forceful tackle which has the ice shatter on contact while causing Heavy Ice damage, the shattering of the ice when it hits the opponent has a 20% chance to leave a burn. Fleetwood may use this move twice per battle and has forgotten how to use Blizzard.
Vert - Level 4 Female Sceptile
Hidden Power: Ice
Bio: "My, don't underestimate a gaming otaku, will you?"
Vert is very much a gaming otaku as she spends the majority of her days doing nothing but playing games, however, when it comes to be her turn to battle she truly shines using methods taught to her by the CPU of Leanbox; Vert, or Lady Green Heart. As one with a Green Heart, this Vert knows that she has to burn her love into her opponents in any way possible and luckily she's found a way.
Signature Attack: Literally Inferno (GR)
Vert expends major energy to create a huge, intense flurry of leaves that she launches at her foe. Due to the great size and intensity of the flurry of leaves, it travels very slowly and will burn on contact, dealing heavy damage. Even if the foe is not hit directly by the attack, the intense heat from the friction created by the leaves can still cause lighter burns with a grazing hit. Vert has forgotten how to use Leaf Storm as she prefers being slower over being weaker.
Kanan - Level 4 Female Marill
Token Attached: Mystic Water
Hidden Power - Steel
Bio: "That's what the water made me, that's who I am and what I'll be"
Kanan, to nobody's surprise, loves to sing and dance and have fun all the time that she possibly can. This, of course, has lead to her becoming obsessed with Aquors and fangirling every time she sees one of their music clips (which is roughly twice every waking hour). In fact, she's become so obsessed that she's formed her own Aquors fangroup with a couple of other Pokemon and has learned how to use Aquors' music in order to come out on top in her matches.
Signature Attack: Aozora Jumping Heart (FA)
Using High Fairy energy, Kanan sings aloud to send the joy of Aquors' "Aozora Jumping Heart" throughout the entire arena in order to affect all of her enemies that are currently out on the field. This attack causes Good Fairy damage while also causing a 15% decrease to the offensive stats of her opponents (with standard debuff stipulations applied). Kanan has forgotten how to use Future Sight as she is in control of her own future and doesn't need a move telling her what is going to happen.
Photon - Level 4 Genderless Magnezone
Hidden Power - Ice
Bio: "All the screens are filled with heroes and losers but the sky's still filled with stars"
As a member of the Magnemite family, Photon faces your usual issues of having to fight battles while relying on nothing but Electric and Steel typed moves. While this isn't the worst thing ever, it is far from the best as it means that Photon really has to be careful when fighting a lot of types. Photon, however, has done some training in order to combat this issue of having Signal Beam as its only off-type whatsoever.
Signature Training: Off-Type (Various)
Photon is now able to use Ice Beam, Psyshock and Mud Bomb, however, Photon has also forgotten how to use Magnetic Flux, Gyro Ball and Discharge. Photon has the off-type to use each new move twice per battle.
Relic 0454 - Level 4 Genderless Bronzong
Hidden Power - Ground
Bio: "When the world gets in my face I say, have a nice day"
Relic is a very loud Bronzong and loves to make noise at all times and even though his only sound moves are Metal Sound and Snore that doesn't stop him at all. Relic's noises that he makes when not using his moves are extremely eerie and tend to make the other Pokemon cringe in pain for some reason or another, however, it now seems that Relic has put this noise to use whether it be for good or for bad.
Special Technique: Hell's Bell (NO)
Expending Solid energy, Relic sends a demonic noise throughout the arena which sends a shiver down the spine of all Pokemon that hear it. This noise then causes all Pokemon that hear it (barring Relic) to become extremely scared regardless of how difficult to scare that they may usually be. Relic can only use this move thrice per battle, diminishing returns apply.
Haze - Level 4 Female Drifblim
Hidden Power - Bug
Bio: "I’ve never found a border round the ghost town"
As a Drifloon, Haze is often mistaken for a kidnapper and a murderer of children yet she laughs off these comments as she is something a bit more sinister in that she creates balloons to give to people. Doesn't sound sinister, does it? Well, you see, Haze has a special set of skills via which these balloons go 'pop!' and crap happens to whoever the balloons are attached to. Still not scary? Well, if I were you I'd think twice about accepting a gift from this female ghost.
Special Attack - Carnival Balloons! (Various)
Using Significant energy, Haze can create two types of balloons which she places onto her opponents by her ghostly magic which picks up a wind and blows the balloons towards her opponent. Then, via some kind of ghostly magnetism, they explode for Significant damage, these balloons are different in colour and type therefore must be ordered as Colour!Balloon. Haze has given up the moves Captivate, Attract and Return as these attacks do not suit her style of battling. The balloons have different usage limits, with Cyan being unlimited (due to being Flying type and lacking any effects) and Brown being limited to two uses. Only the Brown balloon has an additional effect and is as follows: Brown (Ground) - Has a 20% chance for mud to burst out and get into the opponent's eyes, reducing their vision as a result.
Infernus - Level 4 Male Ninetales
Hidden Power - Grass
Bio: "And we rock it, and we roll it, and we're laughing, and we're joking and we roll it"
Infernus, a rather generic looking nickname except for the fact that Infernus is named after the Infernus vehicle from the GTA series. What? I couldn't come up with anything better. Anyway, Infernus is one of those 'mons who just wants to sit back and watch the world burn. By sit back I mean lay back and by watch the world burn I mean watch his enemies burn, minor details though. Infernus has mastered an interesting technique to say the least though, one in which he can lay back and watch his enemies burn with pain and anger.
Special Attack - Heatstroke (Fire)
Infernus bellows a piping hot breeze of air at the opponent causing decent fire damage for decent fire energy. This attack will aggravate any burns on the opponent causing it to deal significant damage if the opponent is afflicted with burns. During the round in which this attack is used on an opponent, any damage the opponent takes from burns is double. This effect does not stack if it is used more than once in the same round. Though it uses decent energy normally, repeated uses of this move while boosted will cause it to increase in energy use slightly, capping at heavy energy. Infernus may use this technique three times per battle.
Blanc - Level 4 Female Glalie
Mega Stone attached: Glalite
Hidden Power: Ground
"Depending on your answer, I just might kill you."
Eco - Level 4 Female Dragonair
Hidden Power - Steel
Rocker - Level 4 Male Cranidos
Hidden Power - Ice
Nepgear - Level 4 Female Togekiss
Hidden Power - Fire
Bio: "I'm very sorry, but today is the day you will die! Hiyah!"
Kaori - Level 4 Female Abomasnow
Hidden Power - Fighting
Bio: "Cold cold change, bringing in the winter, freezing up the water, closing up the mind"
Being an Abomasnow is a somewhat unfortunate fate, sure, you might be able to hit Flying types for STAB SE whilst also being weak to them but that isn't enough to save this amazing species from their extremely horrific 3x weakness to Fire. Sure, you might say that they get some tricks but at the end of the day Fire is a massive pain in their side. Kaori is one of the lucky Abomasnow's who has been with me and then removed and then brought back because there was something special about her. Something extremely cool which makes her stand out from the rest. That being her tendency to go above and beyond what the usual member of her evolutionary line can do, that being that she can exert a special aura. What kind of aura? Well, you'll soon find out.
Signature Trait: Chilling of the Outer
Kaori exerts an especially cold aura which reduces Fire type moves to a 2x weakness instead of a 3x weakness, as well as chilling all within a 5m radius of her. As a drawback for this amazing power, this coldness somehow causes Electric moves to hit her right where it hurts, as they become neutral affecting to her.
Poncho - Level 4 Male Lombre
Bio: "I'm a twisting fool, just twisting, yeah twisting, twisting by the pool"
Poncho is very much a good who is just seen dancing about all day long while the others are busy at training, he cares little for training and will only join in if the training is to the beat of a song, any song. Poncho seems to care little but realistically he is a lone wolf when it comes to training as he tries his hardest everyday to perfect a technique which will catch all by surprise. Will it catch them by surprise is the real question, I suppose.
Signature Technique: Dance of the Lone Wolf (Water)
At the cost of Heavy energy, Poncho will start a very slow and odd dance which sends a shock wave of Water energy throughout the arena. Now, this energy causes no damage but makes the affected Pokemon feel sad and alone which effectively makes them drop their guard and take 10% more damage from moves for the next 3 rounds. Dance of the Lone Wolf is usable twice per match but never against the same Pokemon.
Stagga - Level 4 Male Winter Sawsbuck
Bio: "Welcome to the jungle, watch it bring you to your knees, knees, I wanna watch you bleed"
Stagga is a weird case when it comes to Sawsbuck as he's forever stuck in the amazing winter forme. Now, this means little when it comes to actually battling but Stagga is not one to ever be taken lightly as he will always charge in head first, never looking back when in a fight. He's the one who will pierce the heavens with his horns of almighty power which seem to glimmer as he shoves them violently into his oppo- Wait, that's a bit too gruesome, er, seeing him attack his opponent's with his amazing self-taught move is a feeling that'll leave you busted, Horn Buste(r)d.
Special Attack: Horn Buster (Grass/Normal)
For a Heavy amount of energy, Stagga can coat his horns in Grass energy (if ordered as Grass!Horn Buster) or Normal energy (if ordered Normal!Horn Buster). Once his horns are coated with the selected energy, he stampedes toward his opponent and stabs them with his horns which causes a small explosion upon impact with the attack dealing Heavy damage. The majority of this explosion is purely aesthetic although the opponent will be left with a Crush Claw like effect where they were stabbed. Stagga is able to use Horn Buster three times per match. Stagga is unable to use Bounce or Shadow Ball in exchange for this move.
Nissa - Level 4 Female Breloom
Bell Curve - Level 4 Male Victreebell
Beako - Level 4 Female Snubbull
Lelei la Lalena - Level 4 Female No-Mustache Kadabra
Akatsuki - Level 4 Female Golbat
Misaki - Level 4 Female Honchkrow
Showtime - Level 4 Male Shiny Crawdaunt
Hawkins - Level 4 Male Staraptor
Bio: "We are Geelong, the greatest team of all!"
Hawkins idolises those who having amazing physical strength and are hard to move, none more so than the Geelong full-forward Tom Hawkins. After viewing how almost impossible it is to bring this giant to the ground by tackling, Hawkins desired to also become extremely difficult to knock around and thus started his training.
Signature Training - Knock Back? Good Luck.
Hawkins is much stronger than most of his species. He will be resistant to being knocked back and thus making him incredibly hard to move in close quarters, he also has physical strength equivalent to Fighting types using Strength, able to lift most objects with relative ease. However, this does not make him any heavier than normal for moves which take this into account, and the knock back from his attacks will remain the same as what they would normally be.
Mari - Level 4 Female Girafarig

Level 3
Nico - Level 3 Female Mawile
Mega Stone attached: Mawilite
Hidden Power: Water
Sigurd - Level 3 Male Druddigon
Hidden Power: Poison
Satan Spawn - Level 3 Female Lileep
Hidden Power: Ground

Level 2
Spook - Level 2 Female Sableye
Token attached: Nightstalker's Token
Hidden Power: Water
Bio: Spook definitely enjoys spooking others, especially when that spooking involves draining vitality from them. Nutritious and delicious vitatlity.
Signature Move - Spoopy Seed (GH)
The user charges Considerable energy and fires a ball of ghostly energies onto the target which releases ghostly hands that drain energy from the target. These hands are rather thick and can snare the foe, and will plant themselves in the ground if the ground is soft. Each round the hands will sap light energy from the target and restore an equal amount to the user. The hands can be easily uprooted, but they are somewhat difficult to break and can restrict movement somewhat, but are vulnerable to Dark and slashing attacks.
Ayato - Level 2 Male Zangoose
Hidden Power: Flying
Sunken - Level 2 Genderless Dhelmise
Hidden Power: Rock
Bio: A living seaweed holding onto an anchor and possessing it is super neat except it would be even neater if it had status.
Signature Training - Status Ailments
Sunken now knows how to use Confuse Ray, Hex and Will-O-Wisp while forgetting Gyro Ball, Sludge Wave and Grass Knot. Sunken has enough Fire energy for two uses of Will-O-Wisp.
Mortality - Level 2 Female Mimikyu
Hidden Power: Grass
Bio: Mortality is what we all have, whether it be bad or not. And hell, we're all rocking it one way or another and maybe even earthquaking it.
Signature Training - Boring sig
Mortality can now use Earthquake and has enough off-type for two uses.

Level 1
Foolish Burial - Level 1 Female Shiny Sandygast
Dante - Level 1 Male Litwick
Abyss - Level 1 Male Frillish
Bio: As one who has several weaknesses, Abyss has always tried to do literally anything about it. He finally has a way now though, due to his newly found fear of bugs and just what they can do.
Signature Training: The Abyss? I am it.
Abyss is now neutral to Ghost while also becoming neutral to Bug. He also forgot how to use Sludge Wave and Night Shade.
Void - Level 1 Male Duskull

Spoiler: show
Harvester's Token (Attached to Luna):
The Harvester's Token denotes one's prowess in caring for and farming the bounties of nature. It can be attached to Grass type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. Rain will heal them by a mild amount each round, sunlight will regenerate them mild energy each round, healing moves cost half their usual energy cost and draining moves are much more efficient. This item causes the move Fling to deal Grass type damage if it is thrown. This token may be purchased during the week long Thanksgiving 2013 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Mystic Water (Attached to Taido):
This Token increases the power of Water type moves by 10%. It causes the move Fling to deal Water type damage if it is thrown.
Houndoominite (Attached to Noire)
This item allows Houndoom to Mega Evolve into Mega Houndoom when held during battle.
Mawilite (Attached to Nico)
This item allows Mawile to Mega Evolve into Mega Mawile when held during battle.
Reaper's Token (Attached to Misfortune)
This attachable item can only be given to Ghost type Pokémon. If the Pokémon wearing this token has the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they are able to do so for three turns instead of the usual two and enjoy perfect invisibility where they might usually have left an icy glimmer or some other give away. If the selected Pokémon does not already possess the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they gain the ability to do so for two turns, leaving a slight give away when they do so such as the glint of an eye or the glow of an ectoplasmic body. Ghosts wearing this token are also granted an increased ability to trick their opponents. This item causes the move Fling to deal Ghost type damage if it is thrown. This token is available only during the Halloween 2013 sale and may be purchased by trainers up to once.
Nightstalker's Token (Attached to Spook)
The Nightstalker’s Token can be attached to Dark-type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. The wearer’s ability to trick the opponent is greatly increased, as is their ability to scare opposing Pokémon, regardless of intelligence or stature. In addition, the wearer’s curses are more difficult to remove and have more potent effects than they would usually. The wearer can use attacks like Sucker Punch up to twice on the same target, instead of the usual one use limit. This item causes the move Fling to deal Dark type damage if it is thrown. This token may be purchased during the week long Halloween 2014 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Glalite (Attached to Blanc)
This item allows Glalie to Mega Evolve into Mega Glalie when held during battle.

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