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Vesta wheezed as Syre’s Fly attack knocked the breath out of her. She was thrown backward, soon landing in a heap on the ground. Hearing his trainer say something, she shook the stars out of her eyes and shakily got to her feet. Syre was certainly powerful, and this latest move he was using proved it: a blast of brilliant draconic energy surged through his jaws, streaking into the sky to unleash his most powerful move. Her eyes narrowed as she wracked her brain for a solution out of this. The Salamence definitely wasn’t holding back now. Was he testing her limits? If so, she figured that she was getting pretty close to them. There was a definite disadvantage here, in size, typing, and maneuverability all at once.

There was one way to close that gap, she knew. One that she’d been capable of for quite some time now, though she’d been wary to consider it. She thought of long, rainy afternoons in days gone by, when she’d bonded with the girl who would become her trainer. Most of their best memories were formed when she’d been in her Charmander form, and those memories didn’t seem so far away as long as she was a Charmeleon. But to shed her earthbound ties completely, and embrace her draconic heritage … everything would change. The girl, once carrying a cute orange reptile on her shoulders, would suddenly become the rider. And in a way, Vesta’s authority would grow to levels that none of the other Pokemon on her team could possibly match, what with her having reached her full potential as well as boasting seniority. She wasn’t sure she could handle that responsibility - and she wasn’t sure how it might affect Pest, at any rate.

But now, watching the sky shatter into meteors, she realized that holding herself back wasn’t helping anyone. Not herself, not Pest … not this Salamence, either. She was starting to see that, violent though he was, he did need friendship. Even if that friendship had to be established through the school of hard knocks. And if, to get through to him, she had to prove herself to him in any way necessary… then so be it.

The meteors shrieked, growing louder and larger as they converged upon her position. She squinted against their radiance, calculating just how much force they’d come down with. Her eyes flicked toward Syre, who, though looking pleased with his show of power, didn’t seem to be in the position to repeat it any time soon. Draco Meteor, she remembered, was a move that took its toll on the user’s capabilities. Much like Overheat, she reasoned. She’d only used that attack a few times, and the sheer power of each usage was offset by the unpleasant drop in effectiveness of subsequent attacks. If Draco Meteor was anything like that, then Syre would be much less of a threat once this move was completed. She might be able to deal with him then … assuming she survived these next few seconds. She concentrated ...

With a roar, the meteors struck, dazzling as they burst against the ground. Plants and dirt exploded outwards in a shower of nature, streaked here and there with wisps of energy. Pest managed not to be knocked over by the impact, but just barely; having seen imminent doom approaching, she’d taken cover behind a tree - even though the still-rational part of her brain hated herself for panicking like that when Vesta was in danger. She grasped its trunk as the earth shook, gritting her teeth as the rough bark scraped her hands.

Then, all too suddenly, everything settled. Cautious, Pest emerged again, coughing as smoke and dust made her eyes water. The air began to clear, giving her a better view of the new crater that had broken the earth. In the middle was a familiar orange-red shape … standing? Standing there, seemingly unfazed, as if the Draco Meteor had never happened at all. The reason for this soon became clear: there was a flicker of a field around the Charmeleon, pale green and translucent, that blinked out of existence a moment later.

Something in the Pokemon’s expression gave her pause. “Vesta?” she asked.

Hearing her trainer’s voice, Vesta cast a look over her shoulder. Winded by the effort of keeping up a Protect against the Draco Meteor, she nevertheless managed a small sad smile. Then she looked to Syre again, and then - no longer delaying it - she accepted her destiny. A flash of white light obscured her form, transforming her into a lit silhouette that expanded and swelled, building muscle and sprouting horns and wings. When the light faded, a towering stood in the midst of the rubble, examining everything from her new vantage point. Trying out her new appendages sent a gust of wind rushing through the leaves that hadn’t been already been destroyed; her tail flame wavered, then crackled at an unprecedented size.

“Vesta …” Pest breathed. A smile lit her face. “You did it!”

The new Charizard’s eyes widened, before she smiled herself. Even though evolution had changed her … her relationships would remain unspoiled.

But this was no time for celebration. Her opponent still stood before her, and he had to be dealt with. She considered her new reserves of power, just waiting to be used. In a rush of inspiration, she lifted herself into the air, only pausing a moment to wonder at the novelty of flight, and flapped toward him. Draconic energy, now easier to command, streaked up her arms and gathered in her claws, giving them a tougher, more jagged appearance. Building speed, she swooped past him, slicing at him with a Dragon Claw as she passed by.

She pushed herself higher into the air, listening to the trees rustling under her wings, and slowed and turned in midair, looking back at her foe. Even if she lost this, she decided, it would be worth it to have come this far. She had closed the gap, and now she was ready, waiting for his next move ...
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