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Round 12: Not quite there mate

So far the match hasn't even seen a single KO, which I kinda figured from a no-type charts match, but the pace of the match is beginning to heat up...well somewhat. Cannon is looking to be very tired, and decides that he's going to take a nap for the rest of the round, quietly falling asleep as he begins to fall down a little bit to earth as his concentration on levitating lessens. This is good for Starman, who immediately rushes to hit opponent, a little bit far from him but not enough to cost a move, and slashes across the Forretress's hard carapace, doing a nice shot of damage that was somewhat buffered by the Pokemon's defensive armor. This also wakes the Forretress up before it gets a lot of rest in, and because of that, it means the rest of its orders are going to go to the garbage bin. That's...not good.

With his opponent still kinda delirious after waking up, Starman capitalizes on the advantage he's given and he slashes again, not showing much originality, but hey, if it works, use it right? The strike hits the Forretress hard once again, the multitude of buffs helping to overcome the Forretress's own defensive ones, and at the end of the round, things are not looking good for Cannon. Or my desire to flesh out Slash ever again (the move, not the user :p).

Cannon is still looking pretty crappy overall, pretty much in critical ranges in both respects, although its not looking terribly tired. Starman used a lot of energy but is still good for two.
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