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Marill (Water/Fairy): A Marill's hearing is more sensitive than normal, at the expense of making it more vulnerable to sound attacks. Marrills may use their tail-balls as a floatation device, making it difficult to force one underwater if it does not wish to do so. Their fur actively repels water, meaning they can swim in even the strongest of currents almost effortlessly, easily escaping traps like Whirlpool. Their tail is flexible and can be extended to improve the reach for moves, and they can use it to aid their Bounce attack, clearing slightly more distance than normal.

Noivern (Flying/Dragon): A Noivern's "ears" are actually sound amplifiers, allowing them to fire sound attacks at high volumes. Their ears make their sound moves significantly more potent, and allow them to be used at standard potency even when spread. They can see in the dark and have sensitive hearing, at the expense of increased vulnerability to sound based status attacks, though they are immune to confusion from Supersonic. They fight more enthusiastically at night.
Any reason it's just status-sound moves, and not just sound vulnerability as a whole on Noivern's line? I mean, as provided, other mons have blanket sound vulnerability, why is Noivern's specified?
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