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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
Day of the dead mi amigos, many goolies rise above the ground and party hard with the living.

To celebrate let's give away some goodies to everyone:

Frome me, we have the elusive Sugar Skull Rare Candy that gives a single pokemon +4 levels
Also one gummi bag which includes

X4 black gummies
X4 Orange Gummies
X4 White Gummies

Happy day of the dead everyone.
Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post

I hope you're having a spooktacular day. On my favourite day of the year I've brought you a selection of ghoulishly good gifts. You may choose ONE of the following packs:

Pumpkin Pack containing:
x1 Super Pass
x3 Grass Gummi's
x1 Halloween candy
x1 Pumpkin Memory Berry
x1 Rare Bone
x1 Pumpkin Ball
x1 TM Energy Ball
x1 Holographic Dark Dugtrio Trading Card

* The Halloween Candy gives 2 levels to Dark and Ghost Type Pokemon, but one level to any other Pokémon. Sableye and Spiritomb, both being Dark/Ghost Dual types, will receive FOUR levels. If banked, the Halloween candy is the equivalent of a regular rare candy.
* When eaten by your Pokémon, the Pumpkin Memory Berry will allow it to pluck information from its own DNA to help it relearn four moves it has forgotten through evolution, or to learn four egg moves it wasn't born with. In some instances, your Pokémon may even learn a combination of Relearned and Egg Moves.
Originally Posted by enchantress View Post

Please accept a select few of the following spooky items:-
(please remember you only need to quote the items you are choosing)

x1 Haunter Plushie that when squeezed by your Pokémon will vanish, leaving behind 5,000 coins.

And a choice of ONE of the following special Pokeballs:

Rocket Ball: Increases capture rate of Dark & Poison Pokémon

You may also choose ONE of the following plushies:

* Misdreavus Plushie (w/Spell Tag) – when hugged one Pokemon gains 2 levels

Picking up the following consumables and using them as follows:

~The Sugar Skull Rare Candy goes to my level 4 Cubone taking him to level 8.
~The Halloween Candy goes to my level 27 Honchkrow taking him to level 29.
~The Misdreavus Plushie gets hugged by that level 8 Cubone to take him to level 10.
~the Pumpkin Memory Berry goes to my Garchomp, teaching him the Egg Moves Body Slam, Iron Head, Rock Climb and Twister.

Taking the following items with me:

x4 Black Gummis
x4 Orange Gummis
x4 White Gummis
x1 Super Pass
x3 Grass Gummis
x1 Rare Bone
x1 Pumpkin Ball
x1 TM Energy Ball
x1 Holo Dark Dugtrio TCG
x1 Haunter Plushie, which gets hugged by Jirachi for 5000 coins.
x1 Rocket Ball
x1 Used Misdreavus Plushie
x1 Spell Tag.

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