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Before the fight commenced, Ethan spoke up, recommending that Keith and Lucas withdraw any Pokémon whose presence wasn't strictly required for the impending fight. Lucas, in no uncertain terms, stated his disagreement with this idea, and indeed, Keith was in no mood to call back Meowth or Gemini and Mustard. But before he could say so, it was Meowth who beat him to the punch.

"Speak fer yerself," Meowth spat at Ethan. "It'll be a cold day in da Distortion World before I agree ta get back in my ball."

"And Gemini and Mustard will be a bigger help than anything if things go bad," Keith added, with a glance at his Weezing. "I'd feel better knowing they were out of their ball and ready to help at a moment's notice."

And with that, the fight commenced! Aiden landed a Fake Out, distracting the Slaking long enough for Bart to execute his Dragon Dance. And then came Ethan's next order- Low Kick. "Low Kick?!" Meowth repeated. "But dat's-!"

Too late- the Fire-type managed to trip Slaking, who fell to the floor with a loud and destructive crash. Lucas called Ethan out on this, reminding him that the objective was to stop the Slaking-based destruction, not help it along, which got Keith nodding in agreement- under normal battle circumstances, he knew Low Kick would be a highly effective maneuver against a heavy Normal-type, but under normal battle circumstances, one generally wouldn't give a Raticate's ass whether the battlefield got damaged or not. It's why Keith didn't call for the same move from his Scraggy- Low Sweep, he knew, was more for crippling an enemy than tripping it. Meowth, meanwhile, cast more wary glances in Ethan's direction than usual- he never did fully trust Ethan, and even now he couldn't help but speculate whether the end result of Aiden's Low Kick wasn't his intention all along...

Keith, meanwhile, had his mind on much more pressing matters- the battle at hand. Bart's Poison Jab was prevented as the Scraggy was reeling in pain from Slaking's Uproar, as was Aiden's Rock Smash. Currently, Rags, Lucas's Gallade, was shielding them all from the Uproar by way of a Wide Guard attack. Lucas then told Keith and Ethan that this was their chance, and warned them that Rags wouldn't be able to hold the Wide Guard up that long.

Keith nodded, also recalling what Ethan had said to him- they had to work together if they were gonna stop this Slaking. However, Bart didn't know any moves that were meant to power up allies, or heal them, or protect them, or whatever... and then he realized, there was another way Bart could help out Aiden and Rags- by making the Slaking less able to defend against their attacks.

"OK, Bart, give it your Rock Smash attack!" Keith commanded. "Then do another Rock Smash and follow up with Drain Punch!" He grinned- Rock Smash was likely to lower Slaking's Defense, which would make Aiden and Rags's physical attacks hit harder as well as Bart's. And Drain Punch, considering how badly Bart could get hurt in this battle, was just plain common sense.

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