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Kong flung another fist into the floor.
The two intruding trainers were quick to aid when sked for help. A yellow lizard-like Pokémon materialized next to the Gallade to help in battle, glaring the monstrosity up and down. The Chimchar that had climbed up the window similarly followed his trainer’s orders and took a similar battle stance against the Slaking.
"You guys better return anybody that doesn't need to be here," the trainer suggested.
“As if!” Lucas yelled without thinking. To hell he was going to listen to someone else in his own base. Despite that, all of Lucas’ other Pokémon listened to the advice and opted to seek shelter elsewhere in the base, leaving the half destroyed kitchen to be used as battleground for the Slaking, three trainers and their three Pokémon.
The Slaking slammed down on the floor again, sending a shudder throughout the base that toppled all three trainers. Their battle-ready Pokémon managed to maintain their battle position.

"Bart! Dragon Dance, let's go!" Keith commanded. "Then go in for a Low Sweep attack, and follow it up with Poison Jab!" said the trainer with the cowboy hat.
"Chimchar, Fake Out and go for a swift Low Kick before going for a Rock Smash to the gut while Keith's Scraggy gets himself ready! As always, be careful." The other trainer looked on determined.
“I’m going to let you have all the fun,” Lucas joined in. “Rags, Pysch Up on the lizard’s Dragon Dance. Then go in for a Psycho Cut before using Close Combat.

The Slaking roared once more in frustration at his opposition. The Chimchar made use of the moment of outburst to dart in quickly and deal a light hit. Kong staggered backwards, his roar interrupted. The Scraggy danced in erratic and strange patterns. A small mystical flow of energy could be felt as it travelled through the storm’s wind into the base. The Gallade took a moment to meditate in his spot to mimic the dance’s effect.
Kong wanted to barge in to interrupt but luckily Aiden managed to get ahead quickly enough. Right after the Slaking recovered from his initial stagger, the small chimp lowered himself and extended a flexed leg straight into the giant sloth’s leg. Kong fell over sluggishly. The weight of his body crashed into the base to damage it some more.
“Oi!” Lucas yelled. “You’re supposed to stop him from destroying the base, not help him.”
The Slaking threw from his down position an arm to the Chimchar and got a hold of its head in his large, oafish hand. The Scraggy leapt into action to deliver another kick. Kong plucked the chimp from the floor and used his massive Strength to throw him into the oncoming Scraggy. Both Pokémon flew a short distance before slamming into the wooden wall. The base cracked and opened up some more in response. Rags wanted to join in and his blade already glowed a purple hue. Kong managed to be quicker thanks to a Sucker Punch. In a movement too swift for a well-tempered Slaking he threw himself up on his feet and flung a dark arm into to Gallade’s thin body, sending him too into the wooden wall next to the other two.
All three got up as if nothing had happened to continue their assault. They each prepared to charge their third move, a Poison Jab, Rock Smash and Close Combat. Chimchar's swiftness allowed it to charge straight into the Slaking’s gut for a super effective hit. The Slaking responded with another roar. In a fit of rage, he pounded the floor’s planks whiel releasing burst of sound in the shape of blue waves. The Uproar of the wooden debris and loud sound threw all three Pokémon out of their concentration as each staggered back. The Scraggy and Gallade were interrupted from their final move.

Lucas remained on the floor, having forgotten to pick himself up. Not that it mattered though. The Slaking’s tantrum would force him and the other trainers back onto their knees. He bit his lip at witnessing the Slaking’s unhampered strength beating three Pokémon to a pulp all at once. ’At once’ Lucas reminded himself. As much as he’d rather take his Pokémon on his own;

“Rags, use Wide Guard!”
The Gallade extended his arms and elongated his blades as he took a defensive stance to protect his two allies from the Slaking. Lucas turned to the other two trainers.
“Now’s your chance! He can’t hold this up long!”

Player 1: Lucas and Rags the Gallade
Player 2: Keith and Bart the Scraggy
Player 3: Ethan and Aiden the Chimchar

2 turns left before the base is destroyed!

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