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Round 11: Wow no wonder I forgot about this match

With his opponent nowhere in sight, Cannon starts to improve his levitation abilities, channeling a lot of electromagnetic in its body in order to create more of a differential. I guess, I might just be smashing together random words in an attempt to seem like I know what the fuck I'm talking about. This gives Forretress a good boost in height, and he quickly goes up to the maximum he can before he finds that he cannot ascend any higher, spending a little additional energy to do so. He looks around for his opponent, trying to use the additional height for more of a vantage point, and he sees some movement off in the distance. The Aegislash, not really caring about his opponent right now as he has the cover of the thicket, begins to dance by spinning around in a circle, which I guess works although I imagine you would get pretty dizzy doing that for too long. The dance finishes and Aegislash finds himwith with a nice physical attack boost to compliment his ability with swords, although little does he know, his opponent has spotted him doing this.

Establishing a mental link with his opponent, Cannon begins to split his pain with Starman, trying to steal some health away from him, although he finds that he is getting much more exhausted than usual using this move, as he doesn't have a lot of energy left. Aegislash feels a large tingly feeling and see his opponent just above the thicket, realizing he's been spotted. He quickly turns invisible, but it doesn't do much good, as the attack continues, although due to the shortness of the round, the Pain Split is cut a little short.

The gap between the two has shortened by a good deal, with Starman coming up on the halfpoint and Cannon a little under the final third. Energy use was high for Forry, but he will still be good for two, despite entering critical ranges.
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