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Just finished Season 2. To my surprise and delight, Rick and Morty never once had a bad episode. Every single one of its twenty-one episodes I would at least give a 6 out of 10 to. And the overwhelming majority I would give an 8 or a 9 to. Really great show. Now I get to play the Be Sad & Wait 1˝ Years Game along with everyone else.

(safe once thru S2E10)
Spoiler: show
I'm disappointed that they didn't revisit Evil Morty / "the Morty from the dimension where Morty's the one calling the shots" from S1E10. I thought for sure he'd show up again at least once in Season 2; and once I got to the seventh episode and still no Evil Morty, I became increasingly convinced he was being saved for the finale. I'm not disappointed with what we got in the finale. (Not entirely, anyway? A little disappointed Earth's now been Gintama'd and we have aliens and alien technology everywhere, but aside from that ...) I'm just disappointed that we didn't get an Evil Morty revisit this season, and I have to wait a year and a half for it.

Of the opinion that Birdperson isn't gone for good. Not to be confused with "isn't dead": he could very well be dead but still come back one way or another. Maybe one of his race's properties is a phoenix's ability to die and come back again over and over. Or it could even be Birdperson's own unique power. Maybe it'll be revealed that life-saving medicine was applied to Birdperson, the same as was applied to Jerry not but two episodes prior. (Don't forget: Jerry was even MORE badly shot than Birdperson was, and Beth explained that the wonders of modern space medicine meant he could be fixed as easily as changing a light bulb.) Maybe that particular Birdperson died and will stay dead but we'll get a new Birdperson who either arrives from another dimension or else who we join when we relocate to his dimension. Lots of possibilities. Regardless, I don't think we've seen the last of Birdperson. (One last thing: the wedding vows' emphasis on "I'm yours until I die" feels like something that was deliberately set in place for a future revisit, e.g. Birdperson kicks Tammy's ass citing that he's no longer hers because he's already died since making that wedding vow.)

Favorite episode this season was probably the car battery episode. My only complaint with it is that the writers conveniently decided to stop once we got back to our level of reality, ignoring the elephant in the room that our entire reality could also be somebody else's energy farm. Would've been really easy for Rick to confirm too: if he can invent a device that lets him go backwards from the white blobby alien's battery world to the white blobby alien's living world, then he should be able to apply the same rules of physics to exit our world and enter the world outside of our world -- if such a world is there at all. Failure to arrive there would all but prove that we're on the outermost level of existence, whereas successful arrival would prove that we're nothing more than a car battery to the being we call God. This one single complaint aside, I thought it was a fantastic episode on both fronts (the Rick & Morty subplot as well as the Summer & Rick's ship subplot).

The novelty was fresher with Season 1, so part of me feels like Season 1 was "better." But the solidness of Season 2 was greater than that of Season 1, so part of me feels like Season 2 was "better." So I guess they were both better.
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