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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
It's Cake day once more for the Fizzy World, let us rejoice and be merry, hell everyone is probably legal to start drinking DRINK and be even merrier, with these goodies from yours truly, for starters we have some lovely base items.

- A Birthday Slowpoke statue
- A Rock-star Pikachu Doll
- A Pikachu Belle Doll
- A Pikachu PHD Doll
- A Pika Lucha Doll
- A Pop Star Pikachu Doll

Also, for 24hrs Everything in the Base Forum is 50% Off.
Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post

This year I'd thought we'd celebrate creativity and imagination of the Pokémon Contest and so I have a few gifts for you budding Coordinators.

Firstly for the newer members we have:

Set of 6 Ball Capsules


Seal Case

Now for everyone one Set of Seals of your choice

Heart Seals (A-F)

Star Seals (A-F)

Line Seals (A-D)

Smoke Seals (A-D)

Ele-Seals (A-D)

Foamy Seals (A-D)

Fire Seals (A-D)

Party Seals (A-D)

Flora Seals (A-F)

Song Seal (A-G)

Next you may choose TWO Acessories from the following list to take home:

--- --- --- ---
Blue Barrett - Green Barrett - Pink Barrett - Red Barrett - Yellow Barett
--- --- --- ---
Blue Flower - Orange Flower - Pink Flower - Red Flower - Yellow Flower
--- --- --- ---
Black Specs --- Googly Specs --- Gorgeous Specs --- Tiara --- Top Hat

And finally I have a Berry Bag with lovely berries to make delicious Pokeblocks and Poffins for your Pokémon:

3x Persim Berries
3x Kelpsy Berries
3x Occa Berries
3x Salac Berries
3x Jaboca Berries

Simply quote the items you'd like to claim and they're yours!

Enjoy ^-^
Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Happy Birthday Fizzy Bubbles!

From me this year, everyone will receive:
One Super Pass, one Trading Card Palace Pass, and one Magical Black Glass Rose.

The Super Pass entitles your Pokémon to:
- Two Monday Pokémart candies instead of one.
- Two of your Pokémon will receive two levels in Daycare. Simply supply the link to your pass when next depositing them into the Daycare Centre.
- One of your Pokémon may learn two free Egg or MT moves, or two of your Pokémon may learn one free Egg or MT move each. Simply provide the link when posting in the Move Tutor to use your pass.
- A one week stay in the Beauty Salon gives your Pokémon two Beauty Points rather than one. An accompanying link to your pass must be provided when posting in the Salon.
- This Pass expires on 26th October 2015, and is non-tradeable.

The Trading Card Palace Pass entitles the holder to a selection of Booster Packs and/or Theme Decks from the Trading Card Palace to the value of $550.
You may choose theme decks and/or booster packs from the Base, Jungle, Fossil, Team Rocket, Gym Heroes, Gym Challenge, Neo Genesis, Neo Discovery, or Neo Revelation expansion packs.
Simply hand in your pass clearly stating which cards you would like before awaiting confirmation to collect them.
This Pass expires on 31st October 2015, and is non-tradeable.

Magical Black Glass Rose teaching Fatal Attraction
(Dark/Psychic) The user emits a dark pheromone into the air that, when inhaled by the opponent Pokémon of the opposite gender, will have them enter a state of extreme attraction, their infatuation making them less likely to attack. Once the pheromone hits the blood stream, the damage over time effect occurs, the opponent receiving damage equivalent to Toxic. If the opponent's infatuation is broken, the damage subsides and all is normal.
Contest Category: Smart.
Contest Effect: Makes the first to appeal go last next round, and the user first.
Appeal Points:
Jam Points:

Collecting the following birthday items:

x1 Birthday Slowpoke statue
x1 Rock-star Pikachu Doll
x1 Pikachu Belle Doll
x1 Pikachu PHD Doll
x1 Pika Lucha Doll
x1 Pop Star Pikachu Doll
x1 Song Seal set (A-G)
x1 Blue Barrett
x1 Gorgeous Specs
x1 Berry Bag, containing
..x3 Persim Berries
..x3 Kelpsy Berries
..x3 Occa Berries
..x3 Salac Berries
..x3 Jaboca Berries
x1 Super Pass
x1 Trading Card Palace Pass
x1 Magical Black Glass Rose (teaches Fatal Attraction)

Thanks very much!
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