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What's that loud jingling sound? Well, that'd be this sack of coins. As for that extremely dull boom?

-Demolishing my Seaside City base. It's time to go for broke.

-Buying a plot of land at the Volcanic Mountain for the discount price of 2000 coins, and one Medium Red Underground base for 17,500 coins.

...and as for the rest? I'll be buying the following addons:

x10 Small Red Underground upgrades (62500)
x4 Medium Red Underground upgrade (35000)
x3 Large 1 Red Underground upgrade (33750)
x3 Large 2 Red Underground upgrades (33750)
x10 Large 3 Red Underground upgrades (112500)
x80 Water Tiles (40000)
x17 Doors (17000)
x4 Big Windows (6000)
x32 Small Windows (16000)
x7 Clear Elevators (1050)
X1 Base Insurance (250)

I believe this purchase comes out to...377,300 coins. I'll manage the design myself.
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