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Originally Posted by jolteonjak View Post
Trading my Lv.1 F Tynamo to Ex-Admiral Insane for 4 Rare Candies. (Stats below)


Spoiler: show

Name: Tynamo
Classification: EleFish Pokémon
Type: Electric
Held Item:
Level: 1
Gender: Female
Ability: Levitate
IQ: 0/100
Contest Stats: Beauty – 0 || Cool – 0 || Cute – 0 || Smart – 0 || Tough – 0
Happiness Points:
Birthday: December 10
Evolutionary Chain: -> Lv.39 -> -> ->
Received: Egg House
Location: PC

Level Up:
Charge Beam | Spark | Tackle | Thunder Wave

Move Tutor:

A short story of something that didn’t actually happen before this trade:

Slowly, this was starting to get ridiculous. ’Another Pokémon?’ the Gallade thought sarcastically.
“Yes, another Pokémon Rags,” the trainer said without so much as looking back.
’Don’t you already have an electric fish Pokémon,’ the Gallade continued his thought.
“Yes Rags,” the trainer said annoyed. “I already have an electric fish Pokémon.”
’Also female.’
“Also female.”
’The one that you didn’t bother to train yet?’
“The one that I didn’t bother to train yet,” Lucas confirmed.
’Just like Hai, Sar, Mal, Mrs. Khan, Jr. Khan, the Lotad, the Krabby, the Girafarig, the Woobat and those three cats you’re clearly allergic to?’
“I’m not allergic to them. I just, can’t stay near them for very long, or.. I get emotional. Besides, I have trained quite a few of our team mates. It’s not like I’m completely negligent.” Lucas looked left and right for the Cable Club. Did he lose his way? He had been there before.
’You mean the Slaking that doesn’t lift a finger?’
’The Ponyta that’s so scared of everything it runs away and sets everything on fire? The very one you wanted so you could ride on it. Which you haven’t!’
“That’s not-“
’That Fairy you caught that gets itself stuck to everything?”
“But that’s just-“
’And let’s not forget those two base defences. So far, they can shoot seeds and little spikes that don’t even hold back a human.”
“That’s enough Rags. Now this way. I think I’ve figured out where we are.”
’You have an Absol that could have tracked the Cable Club but barely obeys orders and two Flying types that could have scouted ahead. But one of them can barely stay out during the day and the other purposefully disobeys you to pull pranks. Tell me why they were such “great additions to the team”?’
“Oh shut up. If you don’t quit complaining I’ll trade you for the electric fish instead of the rare candies.”
’Go ahead,’ the Gallade relayed half-heartedly. ’At least it means you’ll keep a hold on your Rare Candies. You need them considering you’re only able to level your party a meagre 3 levels a week. Not even that, you trade your levelling candies almost as quickly as you get them. That ‘shit-awesome-fantastic’ Wailmer of yours gulped down half of them as well. Are you even listening?’
It didn’t seem like Lucas was listening much anymore. Rags had always had to act as some voice of reason but lately this had made him more and more pessimistic of his partner.
’At best,’ the Gallade continued his psychic-thought rant, ’you’re able to level three Pokémon entirely in two years’ time. You understand? 3 in 2 years! And you have ten Pokémon that haven’t even begun their training.’
“I get it Rags. Training and levelling goes slow in the real world. I should only have had five Pokémon by now.”
’If even that. Next thing you’re going to tell me is that we’re going to pick up another Pokémon from the Egg House’
“We are.”
“But this one’s different. I promise.”
The Gallade dropped his head in defeat and let out a sigh in the sound of a ‘Gal’. ’Very well. It’s not like it’s that big of a problem anyway.’ He regains his composure and a sunnier disposition. ’So what’s so special about this Pokémon?’
“Well according to the Pokédex; besides being a fish that can stay on land,”
“It has an organ that can produce some electricity. One’s not enough to give more than a spark so they need a group to create a big amount of electricity.”
“So I’m going to collect as many of these as I can and put them in one long chain to generate free electricity for our base. And otherwise, I’ll see if can connect it to Wattson to amplify it.”
’Yo-you’re..kidding. Right?” Lu-Lucas?’ But Lucas was already storming inside the Cable Club, eager to make the trade. ’Lucas?! You’re kidding right? That’s not possible. “Lucas? Lucas! That won’t work!’
’(Oh Arceus, next thing you know he’s going to try the same with an Electivire.)’

Trading 4 Rare Candies to Jolteonjak for his Lv.1 female Tynamo
*Trade Closed*

Thanks a bunch JJ. This always was one of my favourite lines to come out of GenV
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