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Levin smiled. Vesta was taking this seriously; it was a start. Even if nothing came of this as far as Syre finding a partner, at least he helped Pest's friend grow stronger - a thought that would've brought him absolutely zero satisfaction in the past, considering how everyone else was a target to beat.

Funny how things change.

He'd grown leaps and bounds since then. The team he'd assembled was no doubt among the most powerful in the land. His targets were now much fewer - Kayl, Vesper and the Elite were all that remained between him and his destiny. Pest wasn't an enemy; she was a fellow Trainer on her own journey. There was no harm done in helping her, as others had helped him.

Took me long enough to realize that not everyone is a threat. There are nice people in this world who are just out there to make a name for themselves, same as me. Vesta is already a worthy opponent... but Syre can make her an even greater warrior. And perhaps something more.

He held back from giving his partner instructions. This wasn't their battle, only the Salamence's. But he knew the dragon was experienced enough to escape his predicament and bring the fight to the gutsy Charmeleon... and so he did.

Flames danced around Syre, burning on contact with his scales; despite his natural resistance to fire, it was still a nagging pain that he cared little for. The blazing spiral roared around him, but he knew what to do. Spreading his crimson wings, the dragon took flight; his massive blue frame soared high and above the Fire Spin, and once freed, Syre dove down and struck Vesta on the chest, completing his Fly strike. And then, he decided to change gears.

Levin's smile widened in amused surprise.

- Hey Pest. How far is Vesta willing to go? Because look at Syre...

An orange light emerged from the elder dragon's torso, ascended up his throat and concentrated in his jaws.

- ... he's gonna go all out.

With a roar that filled the clearing, Syre unleashed his strongest move. The luminescent orb rose up into the skies, vanished, and was soon replaced by a myriad clouds. As if hailing a golden thunderstorm, the sky turned orange... but it wasn't lightning that was on the way.

He already used this move once today; Ajax evolved into Haxorus and slashed the meteors in half; what can you do, Vesta?

This was, in a way, Syre's ultimate test. He loved melee combat more than anything, being supremely equipped to handle it, but nothing compared to the sheer destructive power of his Draco Meteor. That's when it became clear for Levin, and maybe to Pest as well: Syre wasn't looking to win the match...

He was testing Vesta all along.
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