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Sorry for the wait ^^;

Now that Warrior has been recalled, Josh unleashes his next champion- a Nidorina by the name of Amelie (no I'm not using an accented e it makes my life more difficult :p). She kicks off the round by blowing a confuzzling kiss toward her Floatzel adversary. Ryder wants no part of it, and dashes around the projectile, hitting Amelie for a tiny bit of damage. Amelie retaliates by jabbing her horn into Ryder's stomach, knocking him back and injecting some venom in him while she's at it. It would appear he's been poisoned. He wants no part of this, and decides to pass the glowing white Baton he has formed straight to Sedge the Marshtomp. Ryder out, Sedge in. Fun stuff, unless you're Amelie, who gulps in fear of the disadvantageous battle to come.

Ryder took no damage but was toxic poisoned. Used some energy, and is restoring it in his ball.

Amelie took a very small hit and didn't use much energy, great for two.

Sedge is fresh as a daisy.

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