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To say Pest was surprised at this proposition would have been an understatement. As she listened to Levin, old ideas imploded and new ideas flared from the ashes. She’d always considered Vesta as a friend, a little sister, and sometimes a big sister if the day was off enough. A fighter, a thinker, a snarker … but never had the idea of the Charmeleon starting a family crossed her mind. She looked to Vesta, a little nervous as to what her reaction might be, and took note of her wide, unbelieving eyes. Never before had she seen Vesta so utterly stunned.

“I … wow,” she finally managed to say. “That’s not what I expected to hear at all. Not that it’d be a bad thing necessarily! I’m sure Vesta would also be happy to have a family of her own, even if she’d never admit it.” She paused, thinking of the team’s junior members playfighting, and of the little smiles the Charmeleon would wear when she thought no one was looking. “But I can’t choose for her. If she takes him on for size, then great! But I don’t know how she’d agree …”

While Pest was musing over this, Vesta’s confused daze dissipated at the sound of Syre’s growl. The Salamence had taken a menacing step forward, clearly no more comfortable with this topic than she was. But his aggression was also clear: he was ready to pick a fight, even though he already seemed a little banged up, and even though his trainer hadn’t given him any orders. Vesta glanced back at Pest, who was still tripping over her own words — she’d have to make her own strategies, then. Much as she didn’t want to antagonize him, she’d rather play his game than risk her trainer getting hurt.

How to go about this, then … As she pondered, Syre rushed forward, expelling a noxious cloud of Dragon Breath. She stood her ground as the chemicals seeped into her scales, nearly to the point of cramping her muscles uncomfortably. Still, she stood her ground, mind racing. He hadn’t used a very powerful attack. Probably trying her on for size. A good deal of her attacks wouldn’t do much against him, so she’d have to resort to less familiar types. First off: keeping his attention off her trainer. She thought of Pest, of the years they’d spent together, bonding and growing as close as could be — certainly not something this Salamence could replicate with her! Focusing her loyalty into power, she launched herself at him, tearing into his scales with considerable force. He cast a shadow over her, but she wouldn’t let his size intimidate her. Not when she was so busy Returning Pest’s friendship, fending off the would-be aggressor.

Her move complete, she skipped back, just out of reach. Now that she’d made her mark, she’d have to keep him from retaliating. He’d probably favor physical moves, despite his opening move; there was no way he’d resist getting his claws dirty. What with him apparently killing someone … suppressing a growl, she instead summoned thin whips of Fire that soon roared to life, Spining around Syre and stirring themselves up to crackling heights. It probably wouldn’t hold him for long, but she wasn’t looking for a huge chunk of time. Just enough to figure out what to do next. Regardless of their similar levels of strength, this wasn’t going to be an easy battle.
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