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Okay so Rick and FUCKIN MORTY WOW. Great show. Amazing, even. About 6 months ago I tried watching the first episode and I was so ehhh about it. Couldn't do it. Didn't like Rick's intermittent burping (despite it all being improvised) - just thought it was meh.

But WOW was I fucking wrong. This show is genius. The humor is fantastic - I don't often find an animated comedy that actually makes me laugh, let alone one that makes me laugh this much. The writing is so damn good and the story is actually pretty great too. And the episodes that end with the "feels", my god. Yeah, you know what episodes I'm talking about. So great. So good. Wow. After S2E3 I had to sit back and just... take it in for a while and think about what just happened.

Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon are fantastic. And "Rixty Minutes" is one of the best episodes of any comedy I've ever seen.

I want to keep going on and on and gushing but my work break is over now so I'll have to continue later especially considering I want to talk about the S2 finale but HELL YEAH RICK AND MORTY

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