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He smiled back at the first Trainer to walk into Marble Garden with his permission - more than that, his invitation. The only other two people to ever approach his base were Kayl and Vesper, and neither had left fond memories. He'd repay them both in due time, but this took priority.

- I'm afraid the welcoming committee wasn't my doing. Syre's happy you made it, in his own way.

He recalled the day he asked Pest to pay him a visit. It was at the end of her match with Chad McBrennan, of which she'd walked out victorious. Levin knew her oldest partner was one Syre could possibly bond with; in Pest and her Vesta could lie the answers to Syre's recent anxieties, the shortcomings that haunted the elder dragon in his adulthood - lacking a family of his own.

- How's Kam... I mean, Fons doing? Anyway, if you remember our chat back at Silver Lake, I have a favor to ask you. I'm afraid that's why I asked you to come all the way here.

He might as well come clean now. No point in keeping secrets from the person you're depending on.

- Syre, the Salamence before you, has a problem I can't fix on my own. I'm not sure anyone can, but if anyone has a chance at helping him, it's you... Syre's been around for a long time, he's done his share of battling and flying me around the world. He's even had to... kill at one point. But he's past that stage of his life, and he isn't happy with me anymore. He needs a family of his own, you see...

The dragon huffed, annoyed. Levin was never one to open up like that; who gave the human the right to reveal his troubles to a stranger?!

- I could tell you I was just looking for a battle to pass time. But I'd be lying, and I see little reason to do that. Syre needs someone by his side, but that someone has to be a Pokemon he deems worthy; only someone he respects can be his partner. I understand the magnitude of what I'm asking here but... I think Vesta could light that spark in him.

Syre growled. Now Levin was crossing the line. He would be the one to choose his partner, and when to look for one! He appreciated the human's effort, and above all that he could anticipate his needs like that, but to assume this Charmeleon was good enough for him... He would be the judge of that! The Salamence stepped forward, fangs glistening in the sunlight, but found himself moving slower than usual - his muscles were still sore from the battle with Ajax. Ah, now that had been a glorious clash!

- I realize this is all a bit sudden, but I want to see if Vesta can take Syre to the limit. If she succeeds, maybe she'll earn his affection... and maybe he'll be complete at last. What do you say? He's a bit banged up from a fight he just had, but you'll find he's more than a capable opponent.

Syre wasn't going to wait around for two humans to decide his fate. The Charmeleon before him looked defiant and ready to go - what need was there for their Trainers' approval? He roared and unleashed a powerful Dragon Breath straight at Vesta, ready to test the female.

Levin looked on. There was nothing else he could say to persuade Pest; she was in her right to recall her Charmeleon and walk away now. If she didn't, Syre would pursue this to the end. But despite having potentially found the solution to his dragon's problems, he couldn't bring himself to smile or feel happy.

Regardless of how this ends... he can't stay.

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