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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
It had been a hectic few days.

Ever since the events of a few days ago had passed, Alex had been more active than usual. With Tantalia and Isaac's recent encounter with the Rockets, which led to the evolution of the Gurdurr, he felt somewhat more secure than he previously did, and indeed was planning on considerable investments to ensure nothing like that happened again.

While his base had remained hidden and unused, the fact was undeniable that the Spovellis knew where he was, and it was only a matter of time before they plucked the nerve to try and cut loose their ties to him by means of cutting him down, and before that day, he would have likely faltered and perished if they came knocking. That was then, however.

With him in the cable club was the same Tantalia, iron girder held over shoulder and determined gaze plastered across her face, as well as Lapis the Duskull. It was solely down to her and his Honchkrow's contacts that he had survived this long, and now that he had little reason to fear the rockets as much, she felt her job of inspiration was done, but her mission as a whole only beginning. Nobody knew the Duskull's story exept she was in the adoption centre, much like the Muscular pokemon, and the ghost wasn't one to open up.

What she did possess, however, was fluency in several languages, notably the human tongue, and possessed the rudimentary psychic ability to communicate with others, serving as a voice of reason. As it was, Lapis was the one who brought up the opportunity to Alex when it arose.

Alex knew well who Keith was. It's hard to remain unknown when your last great deed was ending the activity of a volcano through the execution of the mountain's local god, and absolutely impossible to cover up. Not like Volcanity Inc, which had strong ties to the Spovellis, and had reported the explosion in the forests several years back as an unfortunate disagreement between two powerful pokemon that happened to turn explosive. This was water under the bridge to Alex, however.

As a trainer of great renown, it was interesting to note that the trainer was looking for aid in terms of evolution, the subject in question being his Dusclops. Given the circumstances, he was interested in helping out, simply because he needed his team in top form, and the first step in this undertaking would be to power up as much as possible with what resources were available. Right now his Drowzee back at base was working on some orders, while his starter was out scouting the surroundings, his high level and expansive movepool allowing him freedom in the situation that threats arrived.

Looking around for an empty trade machine, he turned to Tantalia and Lapis, the subject of this operation relatively relaxed while the Duskull was looking at the camera; The Duskull had always been skeptical of the things, given they were basically a single eyeball much like herself, but on top of this she was invested into being present at this meetup. Alex knew she was at the level to evolve too, and thought that perhaps she wanted to see how she'd look at full size.

'Keith draws near. Are the two of you prepared in your fullest?'

"Yeah," Alex replied to the ghost, while Tantalia too nodded, mumbling once more. The trainer knew she wasn't the most vocally intelligent, and was thankful for the translation ability of Lapis to help convey communication with his team more efficiently. "I've learned not to let fear weigh me down, and if this means standing up for myself, then so be it. I need to be stronger myself, and we as a team need to get our acts together if we're going to do what I've resolved to do."

'And what's that, then?'

"That would be telling, and if you knew, then there's every chance some of you would renege. Anyways, I think that's Keith coming in the place now. What'd Tantalia say there?"

'She says that her being a girl doesn't change the fact she'll be bigger in all aspects, and that she accepts that though she might not be happy with how she looks, she'll accept this fact as the sacrifice to make to protect everyone. She also hopes evolving will maybe give her a bit of an intelligence boost, so she can actually spit out big words,' the Requiem pokemon chuckled as the Gurdurr swished a hand through her as though slapping her upside the head for the quip, giving a bemused snort.

To most bystanders, this would look like a trio of old friends who were celebrating a birthday, but to Alex, this was more than a cause for joy.

This was preparation for war.


OOC: Trading my level 25 Gurdurr to Missingno. Master for his level 41 Dusclops.

Gurdurr's stats:

Spoiler: show
Name: Tantalia.
Species: Gurdurr.
Gender: Female.
Level: 25.
Obtained: Trade with Celebii151.
Poke Ball: Poke Ball.
Type: Fighting.
Ability: Sheer Force.
Nature: Bold.
Contest Stats: 0 all.
Hold Item: None.
Evolutionary Track: Timburr > Gurrdurr (Level 25) > Conkeldurr (Trade)

Bio: TBA.

Level: Pound, Leer, Focus Energy, Bide, Low Kick, Rock Throw, Wake-Up Slap, Chip Away.
Egg: None.
Machine: Counter, Focus Punch.
Move Tutor: Drain Punch, Ice Punch.
As Alex and his Pokémon stood waiting in the Cable Club, the doors swung open as another Trainer came in, also accompanied by a few of his Pokémon. One was a Timburr, a log slung over her shoulder- she had come because the trade in which Keith was about to partake in involved a Gurdurr, which would subsequently evolve into its final stage. Dead set as she was against evolving herself, Millicent still wanted to see a Conkeldurr in person, if only out of sheer curiosity. Another one was a species that had only recently become readily available in the Fizzytopia region, walking on the floor by using his fins as makeshift legs- a Dragalge. Neville had offered to accompany Keith to the Cable Club since the Poison-type Trainer's trade partner was to be none other than Alex, who happened to be the Poison/Dragon-type's original Trainer, and he wanted to let Alex see how much he'd grown since being traded to Keith. The third was, to the surprise of absolutely nobody who knew anything about Keith Masters, a Meowth on the Trainer's shoulder. The two were practically inseparable. And the fourth and final one was a Dusclops, an ominous scrap of dark purple fabric clutched in one of his hands, currently waving around wildly as the Dusclops was making hand gestures to go along with his speech, for he was currently in conversation with his Trainer.

"...and that's just stupid," the Dusclops was saying. "Just because the Reaper Cloth was first discovered in Sinnoh, and none of its local move tutors or locally produced TMs teach Dynamic Punch, that's no excuse for the TM to only work on me in this stage!"

"I hear you, believe me," Keith nodded. "If a Dusclops can learn Dynamic Punch, I personally see no reason why a Dusknoir couldn't learn the same move. Hell, if anything, I'd actually argue that Dusknoir looks more capable of pulling off Dynamic Punch. But the fact remains that Fizzytopian law says otherwise, so either we do this now, or not at all." As he spoke, he dug a brown disc out of his backpack. The Dusclops sighed, but nodded, knowing Keith was absolutely right. In response, Keith pressed the TM Dynamic Punch (#1 of 2) to his Dusclops's forehead, instantly teaching the powerful Fighting move to the Beckon Pokémon.

"Alright, yeah, it's in there," the Dusclops nodded. "Heh, it's been a while- I actually knew this move when I was alive, though I don't think I made a lot of use of it... my Ability back then was Guts, not No Guard, so yeah."

"Well, maybe you'll get some use out of it once we're done here," Keith grinned. "Thanks for this, Alex," he added as the small group finally approached the trade machine where Alex Blackhall was waiting. Neville waved a ragged fin in greeting, while Millicent looked at the Gurdurr that was about to be traded to Keith. Keith's eyes also fell on the evolved Fighting-type, and so he held out his Pokédex.

"Gurdurr, the Muscular Pokémon, and the evolved form of Timburr," said Keith's Pokémon. "Gurdurr's build is so muscular and strong that a group of wrestlers have no hope of making it move. It carries a steel beam to strengthen its body, and skillfully wields it in order to defeat enemies and even destroy buildings.

Once the Pokédex was back in Keith's pocket, Keith held up a Poké Ball and withdrew his Dusclops, complete with Reaper Cloth, after which he placed the sphere onto his end of the trade machine. And once Alex had done the same with his Gurdurr's Poké Ball, Keith threw the switch. The machine roared to life, electricity crackling, the machinery humming, as the exchange was made. Finally, the Poké Balls emerged, each on the opposite side as where they had started. Keith took Tantalia's Poké Ball in his hand, taking a moment to register the fact that this was gonna be as close as he came to owning a Gurdurr or Conkeldurr. Not that he had any issue with Millicent not wanting to evolve- on the contrary, he was always supportive of any of his Pokémon that refused to evolve, and his Timburr was no exception. A moment later, Keith threw the ball into the air, calling out the Gurdurr that was, for the moment, his, at the same time that Alex called out Peeves.

And the effect was instantaneous. Both Pokémon simultaneously took on a brilliant blue glow. Keith watched as Tantalia grew, the arms developed even more muscle. The iron beam seemed to disappear, and at the same time, two pillars of concrete seemed to rise up out of the floor and into the waiting hands of the brand new . Keith took out his Pokédex once more and aimed it at Tantalia.

"Conkeldurr, the Muscular Pokémon, the evolved form of Gurdurr, and the final evolved form of Timburr," said the Pokédex. "Conkeldurr uses a pair of concrete pillars as walking canes, but is also able to swing them freely in battle, and can even master techniques allowing them to take advantage of the centrifugal force of spinning concrete. It is theorized that Conkeldurr taught humans how to make concrete over 2,000 years ago."

Peeves, meanwhile, was undergoing just as much change as Tantalia was. His hands grew further away from his body, revealing thick, powerful-looking arms. His much-hated legs vanished completely, replaced by a wispy tail, and he was finally airborne once more. And an odd-looking antenna sprouted from the top of his head. At the same time Tantalia's evolution stopped, so too did the Ghost-type stop glowing to reveal the mighty that he had become. Grinning widely now, Keith aimed his Pokédex at Peeves.

"Dusknoir, the Gripper Pokémon, and the evolved form of Dusclops," said Keith's Pokédex. "Dusknoir uses the antenna on its head to send and receive radio waves to and from the spirit world, which it also uses to communicate with other spirits, no matter the distance between them. It is said to be able to freely travel between this world and the spirit world."

"Wow," Meowth remarked, looking at Peeves. "Dat's quite a difference."

"Oh, yeah, this is better!" Peeves declared, the Dusknoir flying in circles around Alex and his Pokémon a little bit, already displaying a distinct improvement over his walking speed as a Dusclops. "This is better! I owe you one, Alex," he said to his temporary Trainer.

Millicent, meanwhile, was looking up at the Conkeldurr curiously. She knew that Tantalia outclassed her in terms of power thoroughly, but still... she wasn't entirely sure she could pull off the look of a Conkeldurr that well. And even if she was sure of that... she glanced at the log slung over her shoulder, almost as though listening to it speak. After a few moments, she smiled and nodded. "Burr Timburr," she said before giving the log a big hug.

"Alright, Tantalia, return," Keith finally said, holding out the ball and withdrawing the Conkeldurr. He placed Tantalia's Poké Ball back on the trade machine, and now all there was left was to wait for Alex to do the same with Peeves.

OOC: Trading my level 41 male Dusclops holding a Reaper Cloth to Raves for his level 25 female Gurdurr.

*Trade Closed*

What? Gurdurr is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Gurdurr evolved into Conkeldurr!
What? Dusclops is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Dusclops evolved into Dusknoir!
And finally, trading "my" level 25 female Conkeldurr back to Raves for "his" level 41 male Dusknoir. Thanks for doing this!

*Trade Commenced*
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