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Pest was pretty sure this was the right place. Granted, she didn’t know much about secret bases — she was something of a wanderer, at least for the time being — but Levin had been specific about the base’s location. In this particular forest, this many miles off … her path zigzagged as she came across clearing after clearing, looking for some sign that this was the place. Wherever the base was, he’d hidden it well.

By her side walked a Charmeleon, her oldest and most trusted friend. Vesta was alert, keeping an eye out for any wayward bugs that might choose to attack. The flame on the tip of her tail flickered, swaying a little as she walked, though years of being raised in a forest much like this one had taught her how to avoid accidentally setting things on fire. Every once in a while her claws would twitch as she imagined a silent, stalking predator ambushing them in a sudden flurry of claws and teeth. Not that she was worried — she, too, was carnivorous, and she knew a thing or two about getting into a fight. She was Pest’s strongest Pokemon, after all. This wasn’t a boast, but rather simple fact; Trivia might try to push her around occasionally, but a Crunch in response would send the Dusknoir running off. Still, she knew better than to be careless about this upcoming encounter. If what Pest had told her was true, then this trainer would be raising Pokemon who at the very least would give her a run for her money. And there had to have been a reason that she had been particularly requested to accompany her trainer to this far-off site.

For her part, her trainer wasn’t much more in the know. After acting as a referee for a hard-fought battle between her and a trainer named Chad, Levin had taken Pest aside and asked if she would come visit his secret base, bringing Vesta along with her. According to him, there was someone he wanted Vesta to meet. She’d accepted, and now they were making their way to Levin’s hideaway. Hopefully this was a good time. She’d hate to catch him by surprise, but she figured that he’d be expecting her in any case.

Up ahead, the canopy cleared a little, signaling that they were drawing close to another clearing. She hoped they were getting close; they’d been walking for the better part of the day, and on a bad day she’d have suspected that they were lost. If they could see some sign … but then again, it wouldn’t be much of a secret base if they did—

A roar startled her from her thoughts. She scrambled back as a huge winged shape loomed in the clearing ahead, challenging the strangers who’d intruded on his domain. Part of Pest was confused at what a Salamence was doing in a forest like this; the other part was too busy trying to reel in her initial fear, forcing her to move forward rather than backward despite what instinct told her. It’s nothing to worry about, she told herself. It’s probably one of Levin’s Pokemon. You have a Steelix, you know your way around big Pokemon. Then again, dealing with a Pokemon who she knew well to be gentle and protective was one thing; dealing with an imposing dragon she’d never seen before was something else entirely.

Vesta seemed to be of the same opinion, though she handled it differently. While her trainer was stumbling in surprise, she jumped forward to answer the dragon’s challenge, tail flame swelling to show that she was no pushover. Hackles raised, she let loose a growl of her own, lifting her chin to glare up at the Salamence. Eyes narrowed as she prepared her defense—

“Glad you could make it, Pest.”

The trainer blinked. Cautiously, she looked beyond the dragon, and there was Levin, smiling at the sight of them. She felt relief at not being a bother by showing up so suddenly, followed by the much more rational relief that the Salamance probably wasn’t going to eat her. Gently, she put a hand on Vesta’s shoulder; the Charmeleon tensed a little, but then relaxed in equal measure, though she didn’t take her eyes off her could-be opponent.

“Hi, Levin.” She took a deep breath, willing her heart to slow to its usual rate. “Glad to be here. Vesta’s glad to be here, too.” There was a moment when Vesta was tempted to roll her eyes. “And the welcoming committee is impressive, that’s for sure.” Vesta chose to indulge herself this time. “Well, is there anything we can help you with? You were pretty interested in us having us visit. What’s the occasion?”
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