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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
My sincerest apologies Talon. I saw your post when you made it then promptly forgot all about it. Please accept a Shard Quest of your choice from me and I'll whip you up a riddle. I'm so sorry :/
That's okay. As you can see, I'm somewhat late myself collecting. As for your offer of a free Shard Quest ... um ... if it's a bother you don't have to, but if you want to, then I guess we'll go ahead and ask for a gold shard quest.

Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
In the meantime...

Talon 87: Here are your Yellow, Red, and White Flutes as requested ^^.
Collecting one Yellow Flute, one Red Flute, and one White Flute. Thanks!

Originally Posted by enchantress View Post

Ok Talon, this is for you. Look very carefully and tell me how many Celebi are hidden in this forest.
Answer correctly and the Shell Bell is yours ^^.

I believe there are eight Celebi in the picture. (Their locations identified.) Though the bottom of that tree trunk on the right is driving me crazy with its Celebi-like eyes attached to a Kyogre-like mouth band of black attached to a Politoed-like body ... and it's probably just artist squiggles.
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