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Lake It Or Not

The Fizzytopia region, like most other regions in the Pokémon world, was a vast land with many different things to offer. Indeed, it was perfectly possible to explore Fizzytopia as a Pokémon Trainer for over a decade and still not have seen every corner of the region. So it came as little surprise to Keith Masters when he found himself in a part of the Fizzytopia region that he did not recognize. A quiet country area- vast plains of lush green grass, with trees scattered sparsely across the land.

“Wow,” Keith murmured as he walked across the grassy plains. “This is a nice place, isn't it?”

“Yeah,” nodded the Meowth on Keith's shoulder, also taking in the scenery. “Why don't we keep lookin' fer a town, though?” he added. “Gettin' kinda hungry ova here.”

“Meowth, will you stop complai-” Keith started before he was cut off by a growling sound coming from his stomach. “...Eheheh,” he chuckled sheepishly. “Alright, let's try and find somewhere to eat,” he conceded. They continued onwards for several minutes, and as they reached the top of a hill, they could see houses in the distance- a small town, built around a very large lake.

“Hey, I bet dat town's got some good restaurants!” Meowth exclaimed, excitedly pointing. “Let's go!”

Keith did not need telling twice! With Meowth now holding on tightly, he hauled ass down the hill and in the direction of the town, and after only five minutes or so, they found themselves approaching the town. A wooden sign in the ground revealed it to be a place called Cobalt Town. As Keith and Meowth explored Cobalt Town, they saw a number of wooden houses, several shops dedicated to fishing and boating equipment, a Pokémon Center, and right next door to it, a Pansear Pizza Parlor. Upon spotting this last place, Keith and Meowth exchanged grins before entering.

“Ahh,” Keith sighed contentedly as he and Meowth exited Pansear Pizza Parlor. “Now that's how much meat you should put on a pizza.”

“Amen ta dat,” Meowth nodded, equally contented. “Hey, wat's goin' on ova dere?” he added, glancing out at the lake. Following the Normal-type's gaze, Keith could see a small commotion going on out on the water. As he made his way, joining up with a small crowd of people who had gathered near the water, he could see just what was going on.

Two Trainers were standing on Water-types out on the lake, and were using different Water-types in a battle. Keith recognized their rides as a Mantine and a Walrein, but the Pokémon involved in the fight were a whole other swarm of Yanma. One was blue with a ruby-like jewel in its torso, and the other was a blue crustacean, one claw slightly larger than the other one. Intrigued by both Pokémon, Keith dug out his Pokédex and aimed it at each combatant in turn.

“Phione, the Sea Drifter Pokémon,” said the Pokédex. “Phione lives in warm seas, and will instinctively return to the place of its birth when it is old enough. It is thought to have a connection to the legendary Manaphy.” Then, the Pokédex's screen changed to display the blue crustacean and continued to speak. “Clauncher, the Water Gun Pokémon. Clauncher expels internal gas in order to fire blasts of compressed water from its large claw. These blasts can knock down flying prey, and at close range, are powerful enough to shatter solid rock.”

“Cool,” Keith murmured, watching Phione and Clauncher battle each other. As he watched, he saw Clauncher's Water Pulse get stopped by Phione's Ice Beam.

“Yeah,” said the man standing next to Keith. “You're new in town, aren't you? Everyone in town battles their Water Pokémon out there on the lake. In fact, if you got any Water-types, I'll be glad to take you on once this battle's done,” he added.

“It's a deal,” Keith grinned. “The name's Keith, by the way.”

“Nice to meet ya, I'm Owen,” replied the man.

“Phione is unable to battle!”called one of the spectators standing closest to the water, clearly acting as the referee. “Clauncher wins!”

This elicited cheers from the crowd, as well as dejected sighs, depending on who was cheering for whom. The Trainers had already withdrawn their Pokémon, while their Mantine and Walrein took them to shore. At this, Owen gave Keith a look before stepping forward, a Net Ball in his hand.

“I'm next,” he declared. “I'm gonna battle this guy- Keith,” he added, pointing at Keith. The crowd turned to look at Keith, who was already taking a Poké Ball off his belt. He and Owen threw their balls out onto the lake- from Owen's Net Ball emerged a Swampert, while Keith's unleashed Chance, his Blastoise.

“Cool Swampert,” Keith observed as the two Water-types were taking their Trainers out onto the lake.

“Thanks,” grinned Owen. “Your Blastoise is pretty cool, too.”

At that point, Keith and Owen were far enough from land for Owen to signal Swampert to stop. Taking the cue, Keith spoke up as well. “Right here's good, Chance,” he instructed.

“Blaaaastoise,” rumbled Chance as she stopped, floating in the water with Keith on the back of her shell. Meowth was still on Keith's shoulder, holding on for dear life as he eyed the water warily.

Owen plucked a Dive Ball off his belt and enlarged it. “One Pokémon each?” he called to Keith.

Keith grinned back, a Safari Ball already in his hand. “Sounds good to me,” he said.

Owen nodded, then threw the Dive Ball. “Then go, Floatzel!” he exclaimed.

Keith responded by throwing the Safari Ball. “Neville, let's go!” he called.

In twin flashes of light, the Pokémon appeared. From Keith's Safari Ball appeared Neville, his Skrelp, and from Owen's Dive Ball, there appeared an orange creature with what appeared to be an inflatable life raft on its back. Keith pointed his Pokédex at the unfamiliar creature.

“Floatzel, the Sea Weasel Pokémon, and the evolved form of Buizel,” said the Pokédex. “Floatzel's well-developed flotation sac allows it to float on the surface of the water with ease, enabling it to come to the assistance of drowning people. When it inflates the flotation sac, it can carry people on its back.”

“Alright, Floatzel vs. Skrelp- begin!” called the referee.

Keith made the first move. “Neville! Bubble!” he ordered.

“Skreeeeeelp!” Neville exclaimed. He took a deep breath, and fired a powerful stream of foam from his mouth. Floatzel cried out as the bubbly blast assaulted it. Though not terribly hurt by the move, Floatzel seemed rather distracted by the foam and bubbles still stuck to it once the move was done. Keith grinned- this was sure to screw with Floatzel's reaction time, and more to the point, its Speed.

“Floatzel, get that Skrelp!” ordered Owen. “Headbutt!”

“Flo! Flooooooo!” Floatzel cried out. And then, its twin tails began to spin at dizzying speeds behind it, resembling a propeller before long. And just as that had occurred to Keith, Floatzel shot forward at impressive speeds, ramming into Neville headfirst and knocking him back.

“Don't give up, Neville!” Keith encouraged his Skrelp. “Use Poison Tail!”

Double Slap, let's go!” Owen called.

Neville and Floatzel swam towards each other simultaneously, the Skrelp's ragged tail fin aglow with purple Poison energy. Then, as they got in close, Floatzel began slapping Neville around with its front legs repeatedly. Though initially shaken up by the move, Neville was able to retaliate by swinging its tail right into Floatzel's head, knocking it back.

“Nice!” Keith grinned. “Now let's use Play Rough!”

“Skrelp!” Neville replied before swimming in close to Floatzel. Before the Sea Weasel Pokémon could react, it was getting struck from all sides seemingly at once. Neville was swimming in circles around Floatzel, striking at every opening he could spot, and Floatzel wasn't prepared for the Fairy-type move in the slightest.

“Floatzel, inflate your flotation sac!”ordered Owen.

“Flo!” replied Floatzel. It took a deep breath, and suddenly, the yellow raft-like flotation sac on its back puffed up as though filling up with air. Neville's Play Rough was stopped as the flotation sac blocked its way, and the Skrelp backed off.

“Wow,” Keith murmured, impressed with this maneuver. “Neville, use Shadow Ball!” he ordered.

“Floatzel! Me First!” called Owen.

“Flo!” Floatzel exclaimed, a flash of red shining in its eyes, not unlike the eyes of a Skrelp. And then, as Neville was forming his Shadow Ball, Floatzel formed a larger Shadow Ball of its own and fired it off. Keith winced as the more powerful Shadow Ball sent his Skrelp flying, but while in midair, Neville managed to launch his own Shadow Ball, which struck Floatzel right in the head.

And then, when Neville landed back in the water, Keith got an idea. “Neville, get underneath Floatzel!” he ordered.

“Skrelp!” Neville nodded before descending below the surface of the lake. Once Keith could see that the Poison/Water-type had swam directly below Floatzel, he grinned.

“What's he up to?” Owen murmured.

“Now!” Keith exclaimed. “Use Hydro Pump!”

At first, nothing happened. And then, a forceful stream of water erupted from the lake directly beneath Floatzel, sending the Sea Weasel Pokémon flying high into the sky. Neville resurfaced right where Floatzel had been a second ago, looking up at his adversary.

“Do it, Neville!” Keith exclaimed. “Jump out and give it a Thunderbolt!”

“Skree-eeeeeeelllp! Neville cried out as it slapped the surface of the lake hard with its ragged tail fin, sending him up into the air as well. Then, he let loose a powerful electrical blast which struck Floatzel directly. Keith grinned as the super effective move made contact- he didn't want to use Thunderbolt while either of them were actually in the water, after all. And as the attack stopped, both Floatzel and Neville landed back in the lake, but of them, only one was still in any shape to battle.

“Floatzel is unable to battle!” exclaimed the spectator who was acting as the referee. “Skrelp wins!”

“Way to go, Neville!” Keith cheered. The Skrelp looked on at the unconscious Floatzel being withdrawn back into its Poké Ball, as it was still sinking in that he had won.

After that, Chance took Keith back to shore, where they, along with Meowth and Neville, watched as other people battled each other with various Water-types. A young boy's Starmie managed to defeat a teenage girl's Azumarill; another boy's Surskit overcame the boy's brother's Prinplup; and a grown man's Poliwrath managed to strike down a Swanna.

“This is cool,” Keith grinned, watching the Pokémon fights unfold before him. “Hey, Neville,” he added, addressing the Skrelp he was now holding in his arms. “You feeling up for another one?”

“Skrelp! Skrelp!” Neville nodded vigorously. He was eager to battle- more eager than Keith could remember seeing him, for that matter. And then, suddenly, the battle currently going on stopped. Neither Vaporeon nor Simipour had been defeated- rather, they, along with their Trainers, and the Wailmer and Seismitoad they were riding, were looking out closer to the center of the lake. Something was flailing around. And glowing. And growing.

“Oh, no,” Owen murmured, horrified. “It's happening again.”

“What's happening?” demanded Keith, as just about everyone around him was starting to panic.

“Some of the wild Pokémon towards the center of the lake can be rather aggressive and territorial,” Owen explained to Keith as they backed away from the water. “And sometimes, a Magikarp finds its way to the center of the lake, and gets attacked by the territorial Pokémon- stuff like Carvanha and Basculin, y'know?”

Keith nodded. Owning a Basculin of his own, he did indeed know.

“And well, usually they just frighten off the Magikarp, or on occasion, kill it,” said Owen. “But sometimes, the Magikarp that they antagonize is strong enough that just making it angry causes it to...”

Keith's eyes widened as he realized exactly what the situation was. He eyed the glowing mass which now towered over the lake, just as the glow faded away. Sure enough, it was a Gyarados. A big Gyarados. A big, angry Gyarados.

“Not good,” Meowth squeaked.

“So what do we do?” Keith asked Owen.

“Wha- well, we haul ass, is what we do!” Owen exclaimed. “We stay the hell away from the lake until the Gyarados calms down!”

“And how long does that take?” asked Keith.

“Usually a couple of days,” said Owen. “Sometimes more if it makes its way onto land...”

“So, wait,” Keith demanded. “That thing's putting the town on lockdown for days, and can possibly destroy the town, and your solution is to just hide?”

“Well, what do you suggest we do?” said Owen.

“I suggest we fight!” Keith exclaimed. “You guys train your Water-types in this lake all the time, surely you're strong enough to take on an angry Gyarados if you work together!”

There was an outbreak of murmuring at Keith's words. Some people sounded as though they believed him to have a valid point, whereas others were expressing concern for the safety of their Pokémon. Nevertheless, they all turned to face the lake, and the massive Gyarados Thrashing around within.

All at once, Poké Balls, Net Balls, Dive Balls, even a couple of Lure Balls, they all flew into the air, each one unleashing its aquatic occupant into the lake. As the Gyarados drew closer, the Trainers began to give commands. Several Azumarill and Vaporeon started things off with their Helping Hand attacks, and the rest of them followed up with numerous powerful, long-range moves. Several Hyper Beams, a couple of Smack Downs, and a lot of Ice Beams. Gyarados roared in pain as the various attacks struck, but quickly lashed out with a powerful blast of Dragon Rage. The fireball exploded as it reached the shore, and numerous Pokémon were already knocked out. The Azumarill, naturally, were unharmed, but not much else was so lucky.

Neville was still in Keith's arms at this point, though as the Skrelp looked on, he knew the situation was serious. That Gyarados was out of control. It just took out a dozen Pokémon with just one Dragon Rage! Thankfully, nobody had been seriously injured, human or Pokémon, but the situation still had the potential to turn very ugly very fast. And what was Neville doing to help? Nothing! As this occurred to Neville, he decided he had to take action.

“Neville, wha- no!” Keith exclaimed, for at that moment, the Skrelp wriggled out of his grasp and jumped in the water. To Keith's horror, the Poison/Water-type was swimming right towards Gyarados! Quickly, Keith ran to the water's edge. Chance, who saw Neville swimming out towards Gyarados, was waiting for Keith, and as soon as he climbed on, the Blastoise took off after the Skrelp. Meowth was still standing on shore, at a loss for words as he watched his Trainer and teammates heading off.

Gyarados's attacks were continuing, and fiercely so. It was Thrashing so violently that nothing was even daring to get close, but the long range attacks like Dragon Rage and Hydro Pump were still dealing horrifying damage. Keith wasn't even certain how a Gyarados could pull off all those moves so soon after evolving from Magikarp, but wasn't thinking much of that at the moment. He realized he wasn't gonna be able to talk Neville out of this, so he figured that at the very least, the Skrelp could use some backup.

“Go!” Keith exclaimed, throwing three Poké Balls into the air. In three flashes of light, there appeared his Swoobat, his Blue-Striped Basculin, and his Gengar. “Guys, help Neville out!” he ordered. “Luna, Synchronoise! Pisces, Ice Beam! Chuck, Mega Punch!”

“Right!” the Gengar grinned. He floated in close, heedless of any Thrashing Gyarados was doing- Thrash was a Normal move, after all, and he a Ghost-type. He drew back a fist and slammed it into the seriously scary sea serpent. However, this seemed to do little more than irritate Gyarados. As it looked down, however, Pisces unleashed her Ice Beam attack, encasing part of Gyarados's long body in ice. However, Gyarados roared angrily and continued to rampage, easily shattering the ice. Luna, the Swoobat, smiled serenely as she seemed to sing something inaudible to Keith. However, it was certainly not inaudible to Gyarados, another Flying-type, who roared in agony. Back at shore, a barely conscious Starmie and Swanna also flinched as they heard the Psychic/Flying-type's Synchronoise technique. Even Chance got in on things, launching Dragon Pulse after Dragon Pulse at Gyarados.

Neville, meanwhile, was giving no letup. The Mock Kelp Pokémon was blasting Gyarados with repeated Sludge Wave attacks, though Gyarados didn't seem to be feeling them. That, however, didn't stop the Skrelp from trying. And then, as Neville fired off another one, Gyarados happened to look down, resulting in a faceful of sludge. Gyarados growled angrily, then roared louder than ever before. Seemingly in response to this roaring, a massive Twister formed above the surface of the lake, and the little Skrelp was pulled into the swirling vortex of wind and water.

“Neville! No!” Keith exclaimed. Without thinking, he jumped off of Chance's back and into the Twister, eliciting horrified gasps from all of his Pokémon. Except Luna. The Swoobat looked on at the Twister with vague interest. She had had one of her infrequent visions of the future earlier that day, and she had a feeling that this situation right here, this was what that vision had been referring to. And if that vision came true, as her visions tend to, then there just might be no need to worry...

Inside the Twister, Keith could barely hear a thing over the roaring of water and wind. He looked around desperately, and finally saw Neville, several yards away, getting tossed around like a Hoppip in a hurricane. “Neville!” Keith shouted to his Skrelp. It was barely audible, but it seemed to catch the Skrelp's attention nonetheless. He turned his big red eyes on Keith and tried to swim his way through the swirling water, but his attempts to fight the current were proving fruitless.

“Skreeeelp... Skreeeeelp...” Neville panted, as he started to realize there was no way he could fight the current and swim to his Trainer. Moreover, he was starting to think he was a fool for trying to stop Gyarados, and that he might not live to regret his mistake if things kept up this way. But as he looked at Keith, he could see a very different attitude from him. Keith was still mouthing words that were barely audible to Neville, but the Skrelp could still see- Keith was gesturing for Neville to swim to him, and the look he was giving the Poison/Water-type was one of total confidence. Indeed, Keith knew that Neville had it in him.

Emboldened by his Trainer's faith in him, Neville summoned strength and courage anew, and fought the currents with renewed vigor. With a monumental effort, he swam against the current with enough force to climb a Waterfall, until Keith was able to grab onto him and hold the Skrelp safely in his arms. “I knew you had it in you, Neville,” Keith grinned. “And I know we can find a way out of this, too.”

“Skrelp...” Neville murmured. Even now, in the face of overwhelming odds, Keith was still optimistic. Of course, he had heard all about all the times Keith had refused to concede defeat when things looked bleak, and ended up coming out on top, but this was his first time witnessing Keith's truly optimistic nature firsthand. Neville was awestruck and inspired by his Trainer at this moment, and with that, he decided at that moment he wasn't going to let him down. If Keith believed that they'd get themselves out of this mess, then damn it, Neville was gonna get them out of this mess!

Back at shore, the locals were looking on in horror as they tended to their injured Pokémon. They wanted to help, of course, but Gyarados's continued attacks were wearing down their Pokémon, and fast. Very few Pokémon were still even able to fight at this point, let alone try and get Keith and Neville out of the Twister. And then, a bright blue glow shone from within the swirling vortex of wind and water. All eyes fell on this glow as more and more light shone from within the massive maelstrom. And then, with a sudden burst or energy, the glow stopped, and the Twister stopped spinning. All the water the winds had kicked up was starting to fall back into the lake, and coming back down with that water was Keith, alive and well, riding on the back of a majestic and magnificent , who was riding the rush of falling water with ease.

“Wat da?!” Meowth exclaimed. “Did... Did Neville evolve?!”

As Keith climbed back onto his relieved Blastoise's shell, he looked at the powerful new Pokémon he had just climbed off of, and held out his Pokédex.

“Dragalge, the Mock Kelp Pokémon, and the evolved form of Skrelp,” said the Pokédex. “Dragalge is an extremely powerful and territorial Poison and Dragon-type Pokémon. The poison it spits can eat through metal boat hulls with absurd ease, and it is said to spew it indiscriminately at anything to enter its territory, including ships.”

“So, Aunt Fateen was right,” Keith smiled, looking at his new Dragalge with pride in his eyes. “'A formidable dragon of the sea,' she said you'd be, and that sure looks like you right now, Neville.”

“Dra! Dragaaaalgeeeee!” Neville exclaimed happily, before turning around in the water to face Gyarados once more.

This time, Keith was all set. He had even more confidence in Neville than he did before now. Now, it was time for the real battle to begin. “Neville, let's do this!” he said. “Show that Gyarados a real Twister attack!

“GAAAAALGEEEEEEE!” screeched Neville as he swung his longer, stronger tail through the water. Almost immediately, a huge swirling vortex of wind and water whipped up, this time all around Gyarados, who roared in anger, fighting and thrashing wildly, trying to break free. It worked eventually, but the Twister's damage had most certainly been done.

“Nice!” Keith grinned. “And we're gonna finish this up with a powerful super effective blow, too! Neville, use Dragon Tail from underneath!”

“Galge!” Neville exclaimed as he descended beneath the churning waters. And then, a huge impact could be heard, and with a great splash, it was revealed that Neville, swimming up from underneath, had slammed his Tail, aglow with Dragon energy, into Gyarados, sending the Water/Flying-type flying straight up into the air. Keith grinned- Dragon Tail, he knew, was a powerful move, even though it didn't do an especially large amount of damage. Rather, the bulk of the move's power went into making sure the target was sent flying. An excellent move for moving particularly heavy or stubborn adversaries who wouldn't budge from most other types of attacks. This was why Neville was able to send Gyarados flying, despite the obvious size difference.

“And now, we finish it!” Keith declared. “Neville, jump up and use Thunderbolt!”

Slamming his powerful tail against the surface of the water, the Dragalge jumped up beside Gyarados, who was still flailing in anger. And then the Poison/Dragon-type crackled with electricity. “Dragaaal... GEEEEEEEEE!” bellowed Neville as Gyarados's body lit up with lightning, the Atrocious Pokémon roaring in agony from the super effective move. Once this was done, Neville landed back in the water, and several feet away, so did Gyarados with a tremendous splash. Keith looked on warily, but Gyarados wasn't rampaging anymore, or even trying to. Severely damaged, too tired to continue carrying on, Gyarados was starting to calm down, if only a bit. Keith had a feeling that Gyarados hadn't completely calmed down just yet, but that it was too damn tired to act on what bit of rage it was still feeling. Slowly, almost reluctantly, Gyarados swam away.

As Keith, Chance, Luna, Pisces, Chuck, and Neville returned to shore, they were greeted by the uproarious cheering of the locals. Trainers left and right were thanking Keith and Neville. Keith overheard two small children exclaiming that they wanted Dragalge of their own someday. Meowth, meanwhile, jumped into Keith's arms, relieved beyond words that the Poison-type Trainer was OK.

This went on for some time, to the point where Keith wasn't able to leave town until late that night, so he booked a room at the Pokémon Center instead. And if he was being honest with himself, he was in no big hurry to leave Cobalt Town. He and Neville were considered heroes for stopping the Gyarados rampage, they inspired the locals to train harder so they could fight the Gyarados themselves should this sort of thing happen again. He would leave the next morning to get back to his Secret Base, fill in the rest of the team on Neville's evolution, but it had been a long, exciting, tiring day, and right now, he just wanted some sleep.

What? Skrelp is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Skrelp evolved into Dragalge!

*Neville learned Dragon Tail!*

*Neville learned Twister!*

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