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Forgot that this place exists, here is a proposal-

Mud-Slap (XX) -- The user throws mud, or whatever available debris is around, at the target's eyes, trying to prevent them from seeing properly. This attack does moderate damage, and lowers the target's accuracy until the mud comes off.

The issues with the move: XX typing.
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I don't get why does the Ground type needs any further nerfing than, well, being ground type. Is mud-slap XX type because it has huge distribution? Well in that case Toxic, Light Screen, Reflect, Rock Smash should also be XX typed.
Why am I arguing over such a trivial and weak move? Well, yeah mud-slap is shit (though still better than bulldoze, earth power, and non DC earthquake), but it is of a type which is super-effective on a very broken type, electric, and two other types that are incredibly defensively sound,
a) fire:
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many arenas make most of the ground and rock type moves useless, not many pokemon get water type moves other than water types, of which most are useless outside of water, and surprisingly the arenas that fall in the above category do not tend to be very aqua friendly. Also take a look at fire's resistances, which are
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Bug, Fairy, Fire, Grass, Ice and Steel.

b) steel:
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same reason as fire for ground, anything that doesn't have hands rarely gets fighting type moves, which leaves only fire, and yeah again take a look at the resistances, which are
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Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock and Steel.

Many pokemon that have problem with these types, like bug-type and flying-type, are not physically capable enough to learn earthquake, or any other moves that are ground-type in ASB, and so they have to depend on hidden power.
Ok so let us take a look at this above mentioned move:
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Hidden Power (Various) --The user's eyes glow briefly before creating a large amount of orbs which spiral around them. After a few moments, the orbs all fly towards the foe, dealing solid damage. The type of the attack is determined by the primary type of the Pokémon (Normal/X Pokémon will take their secondary typing). A Pokémon may be trained to change their Hidden Power to be any type in the Squad
Maintenance subforums. Once changed, Pokémon have the type energy for a single use of Hidden Power if they don't already have a move of that type. If they do already have a move of that type, Hidden Power counts as one more for the purposes of working out how much energy the Pokémon gets. If the Hidden Power of a Pokémon is of their secondary type, the move is treated as STAB and can be used unlimitedly. Pokémon can only be given one Hidden Power type.

So ok let's take a mothim as an example, with HP Ground. So it can only use HP Ground once because it doesn't naturally have any ground type move, despite of getting mud-slap.
Yeah I know a bad example, but there are many pokemon like this that should have a full 2 ice beam energy for their ground offtype, but can use HP Ground only once and are even more helpless against electric, fire and steel type than they should be.

The proposed changes: Ground typing.
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