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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
I think you're really underestimating the utility of having diverse STAB. One of the reasons Psychics are boring and tactically really one-sided is that nearly all of their damaging STABs are identical. Some types like Fire have viable single typed 'mon like Rapidash because they have a diverse set of STAB moves to work off. Fighting is even better because nearly every Fighting move has a different use.

Want to trip up a foe? Low Kick. Want to deliver a huge hit while your foe fucks around? Focus Punch. Want a fast attack with huge damage? Superpower. Want to open the gap and heal yourself too without burning tons of energy? Drain Punch.
I do frequently raise the point that Sort By Type isn't the best indicator of if a movepool is good or not. Having the ability to deliver consistent damage and take advantage of gaps in your opponent's orders and ability to defend can occasionally be way more important!

It's why Hydreigon is not an ASB mainstay (it could be, I guess, but I don't hear as much about it as I do about Clefable/Gengar/Dragonite/Snorlax/etc.) despite having an ASB wet dream for a movepool. Dragonite's pool is shallower than Hydreigon's in terms of offtype, yes, but it has a lot more OPTIONS.

Re: Psychic being a boring type, I definitely agree...but the type lacks high-powered offensive moves AND lacks the resistances necessary to narrow their opponents' options down enough to play stronger defensively.

I can think of a few changes that I'd love to make given the chance but etc. etc. not the time etc. etc. not the place etc. etc. etc.
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