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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
I think you're really underestimating the utility of having diverse STAB. One of the reasons Psychics are boring and tactically really one-sided is that nearly all of their damaging STABs are identical. Some types like Fire have viable single typed 'mon like Rapidash because they have a diverse set of STAB moves to work off. Fighting is even better because nearly every Fighting move has a different use.

Want to trip up a foe? Low Kick. Want to deliver a huge hit while your foe fucks around? Focus Punch. Want a fast attack with huge damage? Superpower. Want to open the gap and heal yourself too without burning tons of energy? Drain Punch.

You're also underplaying the diversity that the Headbutts and Elemental Punches bring. Just because Hawlucha can't fight its weaknesses more effectively with them doesn't mean they're useless. Zen Headbutt is a great tool to use to clear mental blocks and is a nice option against fellow Fightings that might not car as much about Flying attacks. Thunder Punch is nice for Flying types since you're not always going to have enough Rock to do the job.

That said I think it would be fine at TL3. Its playstyle is really strange and I doubt it would dominate, but I don't think your argument holds much water.
Your points are taken, but I would point out that High Jump Kick is both quite powerful and often reffed as being very fast, and that combined with Hawlucha's SC making it better at using the move means that, at least in my opinion, the likes of Focus Punch and Superpower have far less merit on Hawlucha than most 'mon. Also, Hawlucha already got Low Sweep which iirc trips foes without being weight reliant and therefore turns Low Kick into a pretty niche move? As for offtype, Zen Headbutt admittedly is nice for clearly status, but Toxicroak and Terrakion are literally the only fighting types hit harder by Psychic moves than Flying moves, so that point is moot. And the point that Fire Punch brings literally nothing to the table bar the Bug/Steels getting hit hard remains valid.

But I'm belaboring and digressing again. Changes look good to me. Assuming Chesnaught/Conkeldurr that Stealthy brought up have been decided as not worth dropping?

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