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Round 9: Reading sigs is important.

Both Pokemon square each other off again, ready to get right back into the scheme of things. Charging forwards, Aegislash bares its sword as it quickly closes the distance between the two Pokemon, slashing its sword right across the Forrestress's metal hide, and with the benefit of no type charts existing, the attack does leave a nasty little sting on the Forretress, hitting it hard because of its extra defensive boost. Recovering from the attack, Cannon begins by charging up a ball of energy in front of him, using an attack that I've reffed so many times in this match I really don't want to think about it. He shoots out a large beam of energy, and Starman isn't able to react to the attack quite in time to get away from it, and he takes the attack head-on, causing Starman to groan in pain as he takes a nice blow. It doesn't seem to do much to knock him into a stupor though, as he takes a long look at his opponent, ready to react to it.

Which Champ for some reason does, as he seemed to have missed that Aegislash's sig allows it the use of Teleport. Charging up a yellow ball of energy in front of it, Cannon aims at it his opponent, unaware that his opponent may no longer be standing there when he delivers the blow. A vicious beam of orange-yellow energy shoots out of Cannon, ripping through the distance between the two Pokemon, before it just continues going into the same direction, hitting a tree in the distance. Cannon is somewhat confused on what is going on, before seeing Starman a good distance to the left of where he was before. Seems he manipulated his alien abilities and teleported out of the path of the attack, keeping him safe from harm.

Both Pokemon have exchanged some blows, Starman coming into the second third a little bit while Cannon keeps descending towards critical. Energy use was okay from the both of them, Starman now going to need a break while Forry has fallen into the final third in that regard.

Fuck these crabs
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