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I actually caught up on this series after seeing the buzz on tumblr along with GF's season finale. Thought about making a thread but then saw we already had one, and I meant to post but never got around to it. I have been keeping up though.

It's a very cute show. The beginning episodes are definitely slow and somewhat annoying, but it does get better. What I like about SU is the unique focus on familial themes - particularly maternal (bird mom is best mom *shot*) - and introducing kids to the importance of trust and consent in loving relationships. It's also nice to see the story mainly led by a strong and diverse female cast ("gender" vs. "gem" wars aside), yet it doesn't feel particularly aimed towards a female audience.

Incidentally I've just been listening again to this lovely rendition of "Love Like You" recently, which interprets the lyrics from Rose's POV. It's cool how the official ending is being revealed in chunks. (Here's a link if anyone wants to hear all three parts so far put together.)
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